• A vast majority of advertisers are small and medium businesses (SMBs). More than 3 billion connections between people and local businesses in the U.S.
  • Tools like the Pages Manager app have seen a 3 million user increase in the last three months. A majority of these users were SMBs.

These numbers illustrate the extensive reach and the scale at which people connect with U.S. small businesses on Social Media.

Why should SMBs use Social Marketing?

Social Media platforms help businesses amplify their word-of-mouth marketing. Studies show that people interact with their favorite brands on Social Media more than on any other social network.

All a small business needs to do is create a Social Media page. The potential reach of a Social Media page is enormous. Your activity and interaction on the social network give you a chance to “humanize” your company. You can build a community on your Social page, increasing customers’ loyalty and making them more likely to recommend your services.

A social page helps you add features that can’t be easily implemented on your website. You can build a custom page, run contests and promotions, and manage a small e-commerce shop.

Social pages, promoted posts, and highly targeted ads are tailor-made for SMBs as they eliminate complexities, reduce costs, and help SMBs target their local audience.

However, most small business owners use social channels to promote their products, but only a tiny percent use ads.

To make its advertising popular among businesses, Social Media platforms are taking the following measures:

  • These social platform giants reach out to local businesses through their incubator programs.
  • It is mentoring businesses and helping them familiarize themselves with the ad buying process.
  • Social Media companies have recently drastically simplified the advertising process and analytics and monitoring capabilities.

All the major social media companies have already scratched the surface, and you can expect more initiatives from it to make it the most attractive marketing platform for SMBs.

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