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Forrester TEI Report — The Total Economic Impact of Power Apps

Forrester research shows @Microsoft Power Apps drive 188% ROI in 3 years. What benefits contribute to these results? Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact Study to examine quantified and unquantified benefits. Interested in seeing the potential gains for your organization? ❤️ this post to start a conversation with one of our experts at ATI to set up a consultation or a free demo today. #PowerApps #Microsoft

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Unplanned downtime can cost a lot more than lost time—how about lost revenue? A damaged brand? Regulatory action? Reply to tell us your worst downtime nightmare. Read this post to learn how to avoid downtime with #IBM #CloudPaks.

What's your worst downtime nightmare? Share in the comments if you'd like to engage. Unplanned downtime can cost a lot more than lost time —how about lost revenue? A damaged brand? Regulatory action? Fortunately, ATI can help you avoid it. 👍 if you're ready to discuss. #AIOps #CloudPak

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Hybrid Cloud Explained

The hybrid multicloud provides a portable, secure and interoperable environment to help scale IT. If you're trying to figure out how hybrid cloud can fit within your existing environment, check out this video from IBM Cloud. It shows how multiple private and public clouds work in tandem, and how you can use a hybrid architecture to drive results. Contact ATI to learn more.

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  Unlock the Promise of Hybrid Multicloud

Using ad-hoc tactics to extend architecture with multiple cloud environments gets complicated and puts a drag on innovation. With IBM Power Systems, ATI delivers a measured approach to expanding infrastructure across on-prem and multiple public cloud environments. Read this eBook to learn how.

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App Modernization Field Guide

What's the best way to unlock the full value of hybrid cloud? Comment if you'd like to discuss strategies with a ATI expert. In the meantime, download this field guide to application modernization. It shows how modernizing apps helps you respond more effectively to the rapid pace of change. #IBMCloud #CloudPak

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Successful BI Strategies

Businesses implement BI strategies to improve customer service, gain a competitive advantage, and speed up data analysis. 94% of businesses observed an increase in their revenue post-implementation. Visit ComputerWorld and learn 8 keys to implement a successful BI strategy #ATIServe #BI

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