Strengthen customer relationships with a unified customer data profile and predictive insights

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Offer personalization and social selling across all lines of business when you use Activate Digital Selling with #Microsoft. Subscribe now to learn more.

The Total Economic Impact of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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 If your AI implementation isn't meeting expectations, you're not alone. Common challenges include the need to prepare for cloud migration and demands to speed innovation with AI — all stymied by the struggles of keeping pace with data without cohesive governance strategies and managing multiple point solutions. Read this Forrester report to see what IBM Cloud Pak for Data can do to maximize the benefits of AI. IBM partner ATI is here to help! Share this post with others who might be feeling your #AI pain. #IBM #CloudPak #AI

Special Olympics Leaders Use Microsoft Teams to Build Community and Shape the Future

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Global youth leaders from Special Olympics collaborated using Microsoft Teams to help develop a transportation app. With Teams, Grace and Jack were able to make progress on their important project despite the limitations posed by Covid-19 stay at home orders.

Google Pixel: Built for Business

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Pixel has the tools 🛠️ you need to get the job done. Easily customized, deployed, and managed, Pixel combines industry-leading security features with the latest Google technology, empowering businesses to reimagine the way they work and equip employees with high-performing mobile devices. Learn how Pixel empowers businesses of all kinds; download "Google Pixel: Built for business," courtesy of Contoso Tech. 

The Total Economic Impact of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

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Did you know you could save an average of 40% on costs by migrating #VMware workloads to the #IBM #Cloud? For some customers, that's an average of $1.3 million. IBM commissioned Forrester to learn the economic impact of IBM Cloud for VMware Solution, and those were among the findings. Download this research paper to learn more. ATI is an IBM partner and can help you implement this cost-saving and efficient solution.

How Watson AIOps helps IT teams address incidents in real time

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Unresolved IT incidents can lead to costly outages, impacting client experience and revenue. AIOps enables IT departments to predict or rapidly detect issues in near real time, Read this blog to learn about IBM Watson AIOps, a new product that leverages machine learning, natural language understanding, explainable AI and other technologies to automate IT operations. It's available from ATI, an IBM solutions partner. Interested? Like and share this post! #IBM #AI #AIOps

Worldwide logistics provider connects the dots, boosts ROI with Dynamics 365 Marketing

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The real engine behind global logistics? It's all about a smooth collaboration between sales and marketing. Learn how #BroekmanLogistics used #Microsoft #Dynamics365 to unify their teams, increase sales, and gain valuable insights:

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