Infrastructure as a Service: A Cost-Effective Path to Agile and Competitive IT

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Infrastructure-as-a-service brings a paradigm shift for your IT infrastructure. On-demand scalability, cost efficiency and flexibility are just some of the many benefits of a cloud infrastructure. Check out this IDC analyst report for insights into how IaaS gives you a path to agile and competitive IT. Then, reach out to ATI to learn about more benefits IBM Cloud can bring you and your company.

Retail Trends Playbook 2021

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 Accommodating new customer shopping experiences like contactless shopping and curbside pickup can be a challenge to retailers of all sizes. What other challenges should your retail business be focused on and how can you plan a strategy for the future? Download this eBook for insight 💡 and give this post a 👍 if you'd like help strategizing from the experts at ATI.

BNP Paribas and IBM Cloud with CIO Bernard Gavgani

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Legacy systems can get in the way of digital transformation. But French bank BNP Paribas needed a way to embrace the public cloud while maintaining existing on-prem infrastructure. Undaunted, the company turned to @IBM Cloud to help bridge the old and the new. Watch this video to see how. #multicloud

Rise of a Financial Tiger

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How old is too old to benefit from digital transformation? Check out this case study on a 200+ year old bank. If a bank founded in 1806 can manage to achieve 64 million mobile app downloads, what could your business achieve with a little automation? Tell us in the comments what you'd like to automate. #cloudpak #automation

TTI uses IBM Robotic Process Automation to Increase Workforce Efficiency

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RPA can save time, money and resources. So which tasks essential to running your business could be done by a robot? 🤖 Don't worry, the robots aren't planning a takeover. We just want to get you thinking about ways RPA could go to work for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Watch this video to spark ideas on ways automation could streamline your business. #Intelligentautomation #cloudpak

Pushing the Limits of Autonomous Navigation with AI and Automation

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With @IBM technology for automation, operational decision-making, edge computing and AI-powered remote monitoring, businesses can get on a path to next-gen innovation, efficiency, security and cost savings. Where will the path take your business? For ideas, read this short blog to discover how IBM technology helped launch the Mayflower Autonomous Ship 🚢research vessel.

 Kubernetes is Everywhere

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Kubernetes is everywhere — including the public cloud where it helps teams overseeing a workplace safety system meet low-latency requirements to prevent injuries. Read the blog; then contact us to learn how ATI can bring the flexibility and efficiency of Kubernetes to your public cloud environment.

The Weather Company: Migrating the world’s top weather web property to a secure, scalable global architecture in the IBM cloud

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Unpredictable demand for forecasts can be an extreme challenge for weather websites. But events like hurricanes and tornadoes make the delivery of reliable, real-time forecasts critical. Read this case study to discover how The Weather Company overcomes this challenge by using scalable, secure architecture powered by IBM Cloud and architecting its environment on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. #multicloud #Kubernetes

 Boosting Customer Response Rates by Up to 60%

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 How did PBM drive a 60% increase in customer response rates, expand capacity in real time and improve regulatory management? It built a scalable, security-rich environment with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud and other IBM Cloud Services. Get the full story. An IBM Cloud provider, ATI can help you write your organization's digital transformation success story. Contact us when you're ready.

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