Automatic Speech Recognition for Compliance

Mitigate Regulatory & Compliance Risks

Keeping your business operations and customer service representatives compliant is more important than anything else. Our Automatic Speech Recognition (“ASR”) technology allows businesses and organizations to transcribe calls and verify they stay in compliance with their regulatory requirements. Our ASR uses AI and Machine Learning to trigger compliance “red flags” and can report them in real-time. 

This product was developed under the leadership of senior management, who led compliance and audit departments teams, making it the perfect solution for Cybersecurity. This tool’s differentiator goes beyond risk and compliance—this AI-powered application support financial organizations, including Global Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity Firms.

ASR Dash: Voice Features

  • Voice and Video analysis for multiple Languages and Dialects
  • Services include Forensic Examination, Trade Surveillance, Employee activity, Compliance, and Call Centre Quality Control
  • Empowers searches for keywords and phrases with exceptional AI
  • Sectors include Finance, Retail and Blue Light, and Legal sectors
  • Multiple Applications: Voice analyses audio content across the most popular communication channels, including email, SMS, Video Conferencing, Phone Calls, social media, and much more.
  • Global Compliance: Corporate for the Financial Sector offers compliance on a global scale, managing all relevant risk factors across multiple languages.
  • Notifications: Corporate for the Financial Sector optimizes your compliance team’s processes with relevant and actionable alerts.
  • Proactive Compliance – Identify bad behaviors with precision and speed. Corporate for the Financial Sector prevents massive fines and crisis.
  • Peace of Mind – Feel secure in the knowledge that your Organisation is keeping data secure and operating in line with the latest compliance regulations.

Voice is compatible with a wide range of applications and different data types.

Email | Telephone | SMS | Chats | Lists | Video Conferencing | Social Media

How does it work?

This new service analyses the audio for any social media and video files, identifying and highlighting any keywords from the deliverable transcription.

This means that anyone assessing social media or any type of video file or a body of video files will be able to search for keywords and phrases automatically and quickly.


  • Analyze communication channels for insider trading, call center compliance, and market abuse.
  • Works through large bodies of files quickly, efficiently, and cheaply
  • Solution for HR, customer analysis, and blue light activities
  • Controls, edits, and audits voice and video data

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