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Azure Defender for IoT helps Global Geological Materials Company Secure Production and Bridge the IT/OT Gap

How crippling would a major data breach be to your company? Avoid having to answer that question with an agentless OT security monitoring platform that offers powerful asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat monitoring capabilities. Read the customer story and comment if you'd like talk to one of our @Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT experts about how ATI can help you assess and mitigate risk. #Azure

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Put Time Back on your Side with QRadar XDR.

What more could your CISO accomplish if they: • Automated tedious tasks • Responded faster to threats • Had more time in their day? Your business could be saving valuable time by connecting insights and leveraging #AI to automate tasks and respond quickly with QRadar XDR from @IBM. Watch the webinar to learn more. #CISO #QRadar

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How Cloud Can Remove Complexity from Your VDI Deployment

 Virtual desktop infrastructure was predicted to be huge by 2013. It didn't quite happen, but the time is right now for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), a modern approach to VDI. Read this paper to see why. Contact us to discuss how ATI can help you deploy VMware Horizon on IBM Cloud and benefit from today's VDI technology. #IBMCloud #VMware

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Data fabric marketplace: The heart of data economy

A marketplace has long been a centerpiece for buyers and sellers, and that remains true in the high-tech era. Where can you find a platform for exchanging data as a commodity with a common set of metadata? Tell us if you'd like to discuss solutions and read this blog to learn where a data fabric marketplace comes in.

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Dream Payments Uses IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Mobile payments solutions provider Dream Payments needed a fast, flexible way to deploy cloud infrastructure for enterprise customers. See how IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions helped the company migrate to the cloud, gaining access to high-performance cloud resources for quick and easy deployment. What could your company achieve with IBM Cloud solutions from ATI? #IBMCloud #VMware

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New Research Shows IoT and OT Innovation is Critical to Business but Comes with Significant Risk

Roughly 68 percent of senior management respondents to a recent @Microsoft Institute survey say IoT and OT are critical to supporting future business innovation and other strategic goals. Where do IoT and OT fall on your priority list? Read the blog, download the Microsoft/Ponemon Institute report and then get in touch for a one-on-one walk through from a ATI @Microsoft Security IoT/OT expert. #CyberSecurity #ThreatIntelligence #MicrosoftSecurity

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How is your AI journey going? Are you struggling with #datagovernance, or having difficulty scaling #AI across the enterprise? Share your challenges — or success stories — in the replies.

Which of these areas have been roadblocks on the journey to AI? 💡Gaining access to needed data? 🤔Data governance 👏🏼Ensuring personal information is protected so data remains in compliance 👍🏼No roadblocks. We've got this! Share your challenges and successes in the comments. #datagovernance #AI

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