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The Operational Excellence Manifesto: A Call to Action

Want to know the 8 simple rules for overcoming the barriers to operational excellence? We'll give you a hint: Knowing when the human touch is needed is important, but so is knowing when to automate. Download this eBook for more and reply to see how we can help you put the right automation tools into action. #RPA #automation

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Datasheet—IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security

In today's cloud-centric, distributed workforce environment, data security has gotten extremely complex. Even the most successful companies can struggle with the implementation and usability of fragmented, disconnected security tools and the specialized skills and costs required to integrate and operate them. Read this datasheet to learn how #Guardium Insights gives you the visibility you need to protect your business. #IBM

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Marks & Spencer Embraces the Future of Retail with Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

How can you streamline operations and make sure frontline retail workers at all your locations feel engaged and empowered to be at their best for their customers every day? @Microsoft Teams ensures your frontline workers can communicate, collaborate and deliver great customer service with a solution that seamlessly integrates to fit your specific retail location needs. Watch the video to learn more and contact a ATI Microsoft Teams expert for a one-on-one consultation. @Microsoft #MSRetail

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Modernized Data Security: How IBM Security Guardium Compares to the Competition

Data security breaches are costing businesses an average of $3.86 million per breach. Tell us your biggest #datasecurity challenge: Is it cost? Malware? Something else? Read this solution guide to better understand how @IBM Security Guardium can help you protect your business.

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Creating a Better Digital Experience for Members

Your website is the virtual front door to your brand. Make sure the welcome mat delivers always-on speed, performance, and flexibility. Learn how @Microsoft #Azure can help your organization deliver better security, resilience, portability and visibility. How can ATI help grow your financial services business faster? Contact us to discuss your thoughts with one of our @Microsoft Azure experts. #MSFTFinServ #MSCloud

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions: Dollars back to your business

Want to put dollars back into your business? Do it with #IBMCloud for #VMware solutions from ATI. Leveraging VMware across on-premise infrastructure and public cloud is the optimal path to ensuring business continuity for mission critical applications. In this video, learn how to streamline your operations, scale on demand, and drive innovation, all while leveraging the same VMware tools and resources you use on-premise today.

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IBM Robotic Process Automation: Changing the World for Good

If RPA can change the world, what can it do for your workplace? In the latest @IBM Build-a-Bot Challenge, RPA facilitated things like virtual food banks and COVID-19 testing. Read this to spark ideas on how RPA can quickly and easily automate more of your business processes. #RPA #automation

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Free Cloud Migration Consultation

Migrating to the cloud for your financial services organization is a question of when, not if. Talk with one of our experts at ATI about how @Microsoft Azure for Financial Services and Dynamics 365 will support your business. Schedule your free Cloud Migration Consultation today. #MSFTFinServ #MSCloud

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Empowering 2 Billion Global Frontline Workers

Your organization's culture is formed by connecting your employees to each other, their managers and the company mission. How can @Microsoft Cloud for Retail help you make these connections? This blog shows the value of providing frontline workers with the right tools and technology to build a successful culture. Read the blog to learn how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail removes friction and streamlines daily tasks for frontline workers in retail. Let us know in the comments the culture challenges you're facing and if you'd like to discuss them in greater detail with one of our ATI Microsoft Cloud for Retail experts. #MSRetail #MicrosoftCloud

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Forrester Maturity Assessment

How far along the #ZeroTrust journey would you say your business is? Take this assessment to evaluate your current security practices across the six competencies of Forrester's Zero Trust extended framework: data, networks, people, workload, devices, analytics, and automation. Once you get your results, reach out to us for individualized recommendations on what your business needs to work on to enhance #cybersecurity.

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