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Improve security with remote access and verifiable ID’s

Planning ahead for various access scenarios across your organization and third-party suppliers with devices outside of your security perimeter is hard. Request a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss how ATI can help you improve security with remote access and verifiable IDs enabled by technology solutions like @Microsoft Entra.

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Nurturing nature with a cloud-native ERP

CASE STUDY. Thanks to the flexibility the IBM Cloud offers, Grupo Lucas, a thriving agri-food company, was able to streamline operations, quickly adapt to customer needs and grow at scale. After reading their story, reach out to an IBM Cloud expert at ATI to see how IBM Cloud can help you improve customer service, solve problems quickly and increase revenue. #IBM #IBMcloud

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Legacy cost savings of over $3.5 million plus improvements in finance staff productivity by up to 55% are just 2 ways to benefit from @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Find more by getting your free copy of Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study.

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How to enable Microsoft Defender for Cloud plans through the Azure portal

Cloud security is a must. How does @Microsoft Defender for Cloud deliver it? For a quick tutorial, read this blog to see how easy it is to enable Defender for Cloud through the @Azure portal.

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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Is your business considering moving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure? Without the right strategy, the process is rife with risks. This video lays out a straightforward blueprint for your hybrid cloud transformation journey that will enable your business to realize hybrid cloud's many benefits--including faster innovation and go-to market--while dodging common pitfalls. When you're ready to get started on your journey, contact a ATI IBM cloud expert to schedule a free consultation. #IBM #hybridcloud

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Managing Mobile Security Threats Facing the Hybrid Enterprise Workforce

The FBI and IDC agree: email and SMS #phishing are the top 2 threats facing businesses. With 90% of companies using mobile devices, how are you staying secure in a post-pandemic world? Read this analyst report to learn why mobile #endpoints are so vulnerable and what hybrid workforces must do to close security gaps. #hybridwork #cybersecurity

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Avanade Reimagines Access to Training and Skills Management Using Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Looking for a security solution that includes identity and access management, cloud-infrastructure management and identity verification? Read how professional services and technology provider Avanade found one in @Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Contact a ATI @Microsoft security expert for a deeper dive. #MicrosoftEntra #MicrosoftSecurity

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Is your conversational AI setting the right tone?

How frustrated do you get when trying to get help from an emotionless, robotic-sounding AI voice? Repost to start a conversation about whether AI really needs to be so ... artificial. At ATI, we're excited to tell you that @IBM Watson is tackling that challenge with the next level of conversational AI — expressive voices. Can AI convey emotion? Find out in this blog.

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