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3 ways collaborative apps like Workday in Microsoft Teams boost engagement and productivity

Enterprises are increasingly turning to collaborative apps to enhance workplace engagement and productivity. Take a look at this insightful blog by @Microsoft about the HR and finance app Workday integrated into Microsoft Teams and to easily engage with employees. This presents an opportunity for independent software vendors to earn customer loyalty by building easily accessible enterprise apps with rich features that deliver business value.

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The New Performance Equation in the Age of AI

It's common knowledge that an energized and empowered workforce is more likely to be productive and perform at an optimal level. So how do you get your teams to that level? Read this @Microsoft blog about how successful organizations are using AI to help create a "feedback flywheel" that gathers employee data, analyzes it and generates actions implemented company wide.

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E-commerce giant achieves cloud success with a collaborative security approach

How can your organization reduce the workflow of analyzing threats from several hours to a few minutes? Discover how one ecommerce giant transformed its security strategy by implementing a #SIEM solution from @IBM.

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Reshaping the future of business with Microsoft Sales Copilot, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, and a new cloud migration program

If you're looking to modernize service experiences, take a look at this blog decribing how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot is helping customers like Campari Group, Leatherman Tool Group and Northrop & Johnson break down data silos & enhance customer interactions. An incredible 63,000+ customers are experiencing Copilot in Dynamics. Talk to us about why you should be, too. @Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Six Trends That Are Shaping Supply Chain Transformation for Manufacturers

Which supply chain trends will impact your business this year? ATI invites you to read this eBook highlighting 6 emerging trends in supply chain management. Then tell us if you'd like to discuss how we can help improve your supply chain management. #microsoftdynamics

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What is Attack Surface Management?

Your company's attack surface is more vast than you think. Besides the obvious attack entry points like servers and endpoints, sophisticated hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your supply chain, #ShadowIT, and other less visible gaps in your IT ecosystem. Attack Surface Management tools (#ASM) are critical to patching these vulnerabilities. Watch:

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