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Strengthen Your Android Security

Want to strengthen your android security? Take a look at these impactful Android settings that can level up your mobile's safety - Also, don't forget to follow Our Latest Thinking - #ATIServe #Android #Security

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Digital Currency

Digital Currency faces more challenges in Privacy regulations, security protocols, and legal issues than in software and networks. Read what eCurrency CEO, Jonathan Dharmaplan has to say about the introduction of the Digital Dollar - Follow our Latest Thinking for more - #ATIServe #DigitalCurrency

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Bitly manages 25 billion links for enterprise customers through IBM Cloud Data Centers

#IBM #Cloud gives you a scalable hosting platform and global data center presence for transforming IT operations. Check out how Bitly used IBM Cloud to scale for growth and control costs — and achieved a "night-and-day" transformation after migrating 25 billion data-infused links to the platform.

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The Art of Automation: Automation and Process Mining

Process mining is key to automation. You know you have business processes that need to be fixed, and you know automation can solve those problems. But how can you be sure you've uncovered the root cause of those problems? Process mining helps you dig deep and find where automation can have the biggest impact. Read this blog to spark more ideasđź’ˇ and drop us a comment if you'd like to learn more. #Processmining #Automation

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Guide to Google Sheets, a powerful spreadsheet app of Google Workspace

Do you want to be efficient at your work? Here's a quick guide to different features in Google Sheets, a powerful spreadsheet app of Google Workspace - Follow Our Latest Thinking for more such guides - #ATIServe

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The Weather Company migrates to a secure, scalable global architecture in the IBM Cloud

The weather may be unpredictable but the Weather Company still needs to reliably deliver 250 billion on-demand forecasts a day. Check out this video, brought to you by ATI, to learn how the company can quickly scale while improving DevOps efficiencies — and automating security — after migrating its web platform to IBM Cloud Kubernetes services. #cloud #IBM

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Data is like gold—extremely valuable and often buried. #Processmining can uncover the data that holds the most business value. How could you put data to work to optimize your business? Reply and tell us your ideas💡.

 Data is like gold—extremely valuable and often buried. How can you put data to work to optimize your business? Tell us your ideas💡in the comments. An IBM Cloud partner, ATI can help you implement process mining to uncover the data that holds the most business value, enabling you to analyze processes accurately and completely and realize the biggest impact from automation. #Processmining #Automation

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Zoom Updates

With the latest updates, Zoom is aiming to help enterprise marketers and salespeople better engage with customers and employees using its videoconferencing platform. Check out these new features here - Follow our Latest Thinking - for more. #ATIServe #Technology

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The Benefits of Using Containers in a Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud is becoming pivotal for modernizing applications and workloads — and containers can help you build a secure and scalable infrastructure while streamlining processes and cutting costs for your #DevOps team. Check out this article from IBM on the benefits of containers in the hybrid cloud. An IBM Cloud provider, ATI delivers the expertise and solutions to support your modernization journey.

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