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The Forrester Wave:™ Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Providers, Q4 2021

How does your cyber- security solution compare? Does it cover all aspects of your enterprise? XDR (extended detection and response) security solutions can detect and analyze many types of security threats across an organization. Read Forrester's evaluation of the top XDR solutions on the market to help guide decisions about cybersecurity at your organization.

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SHARE NOW and IBM Drive Sustainable Mobility Forward

Read this case study to see how car-sharing provider  SHARE NOW uses IBM Cloud to benefit from global IT, fast and agile provisioning, and a means to easily scale services so it can put thousands of the world's coolest cars at customers' fingertips. What can IBM Cloud do for you? Let us know in the comments and share this story! #IBMCloud #HybridCloud

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Add Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as an identity provider for External Identities

Need to add @Azure Active Directory as a default identity provider option for B2B collaboration? Read this technical blog post for a quick walkthrough 🚶👇

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Delivering Personalized Experiences in Times of Change

Companies that analyze customer data outperform others by 85%. Your customer data is a gold mine of valuable insights. Learn how you can get the most from your data. Read the eBook here. Then share this post to start a conversation. #microsoftdynamics

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If your business was hit by ransomware, how fast could you recover? How quickly could your business return to normal? Reply with your best estimate. #ransomware #cyberresilience

Storage systems and storage administrators both play a big role in protecting against cyberattacks like ransomware. If your business was hit by ransomware, how fast could you recover? How quickly could your business return to normal? Comment with your best estimate along with any thoughts you have on data storage's role in ransomware protection. #ransomware #cyberresilience

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Storage’s Role in Addressing the Challenges of Ensuring Cyber Resilience

Taking a "this won't happen to us" approach will put your business at risk. Organizations must be proactive and put in place an effective #datastorage and protection solution—before they actually need it. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can shift from cybersecurity to #cyberresilience to protect your business.

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Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Receives Highest Award in SE Labs Enterprise Email Security Services Test

Email attacks are cyber-criminals' favorite way into your enterprise systems. Tell is you'd like to discuss how ATI can protect systems from email attacks. Start by reading this 👇from @Microsoft.

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Azure Active Directory – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Buckle up and get ready! The Ultimate Beginners' Guide to @Azure AD is here. Got 35 minutes? Watch this dynamic video packed with demos on everything from architecture to user setup to assigning licenses — even extending functionality to @Microsoft Teams.

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