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IBM Security QRadar XDR

In an era of security complexities and expanding security perimeters, security teams need to overhaul outdated threat detection and response capabilities. #Remotework + #cloudmigration + better hackers = a more dangerous threat landscape. Learn how you can connect workflows, insights, and people to secure your business with one simple integrated solution. #QRadar

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Engineering Firm in Bangladesh Employs Cloud Solutions to Streamline Daily Operations

Looking for an efficient way to migrate to the cloud on your own terms? Read how a growing engineering firm in Bangladesh enjoyed a flexible and smooth migration journey with @Microsoft Azure. When you're done, get in touch for an in-depth consultation from a Microsoft Azure expert at ATI. #Azure #cloud

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How Cyberattacks are Changing According to the New Microsoft Digital Defense Report

What steps are you taking to protect your company from ransomware? Consider sharing some in the comments. Read this article based on a Microsoft Digital Defense report to learn how cyberattacks are changing and get tips to stay ahead. Meanwhile, don't let cybercriminals wreak havoc on your data in the cloud. Get in touch to learn how can help protect your data with Microsoft Azure. #Microsoft #Azure #ransomware

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OTTO: E-Commerce Giant Achieves Cloud Success with a Collaborative Security Approach

When sales volume skyrockets 📈 from 28 to 3 million units, how does #digitalsecurity keep up? Faced with this dilemma, the e-commerce company OTTO needed help improving visibility and insight across on-premises and cloud platforms, as well as freeing security resources to focus on threat analysis, response and improvements. Discover how OTTO transformed its digital security with the right solution that scaled with their business growth.

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Banking is Going Hybrid with IBM

Safe or sporty? Modern or reliable? No one wants to choose - we want a hybrid. With hybrid cloud, businesses don't have to choose between personalized or secure - they can have it all. ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud services, can help your business get the best of both worlds. #IBMCloud #hybridcloud

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Ransomware by Industry

How would you score on a ransomware quiz? What 3 industries do you think are hit the most? Give us your thoughts in the comments. Get a reality check by viewing this infographic by the Microsoft Detection and Response Team on ransomware-by-industry trends. Feeling vulnerable? Get in touch to discuss how ATI can help you stop ransomware in its tracks with Microsoft Azure. #Microsoft #Azure #ransomware

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Optimizing Threat Detection, Response and Security Operations

To guard against complex threats and safely navigate digital transformation, organizations need broad visibility, connected data and the ability to make smart decisions, fast. Is your business responding to security threats fast enough? Security analyst Jon Oltsik deep dives on how #QRadar optimizes threat detection and prevention. Watch: 👇

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Simplify Your Cloud Migration Journey with the Azure Migration and Modernization Program

Remove the complexities of cloud migration. Read how @Microsoft can simplify your migration journey with the Azure Migration and Modernization Program. When you're done reading, let us know if you'd like to discuss Azure solutions with a ATI Microsoft expert.

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