DDI hardens its security posture to enable future transformation

When DDI invested in @IBM Security #QRadar #SOAR to strengthen its #securityposture, the manufacturing powerhouse didn't merely tweak processes—they transformed their entire digital culture. Story:

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Three Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

How important is customer experience (CX)? 73% of customers rank it as a vital factor in purchase decisions, behind only price and product quality. Don't miss out on opportunities— download this eBook and learn how to jumpstart a new CX approach with @Microsoft Azure digital tools and services.

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B.TECH scales retail operations and slashes time-to-market 30 percent with Microsoft Azure

With @Microsoft Azure, retailer B.TECH achieved 99.9% service availability and cut time to market by 30%. Read this case study to learn how Azure enabled them to achieve seamless operations and continuous innovation while saying goodbye to Black Friday back-office blues — and find out how you can do the same. #Azure

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Microsoft Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service are now generally available – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog

Transform your sales and service experience with the generative AI capabilities in Microsoft Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service. Learn how in this @Microsoft article.

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