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Intro to IBM Cloud Satellite

 Wish your cloud solution offered more consistency? See how IBM Cloud Satellite can provide a consistent, on-demand, fully managed set of core application services that run across any cloud environment of your choice. ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud services with expertise in distributed cloud solutions, can help your company get the most from the cloud. #IBMCloud #publiccloud #IBMSatelllite

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As organizations add new sub-based offerings, their revenue recognition processes become more complex. Contact a @MSFTDynamics365 expert to discuss/compare costs of a subscription-based or on-prem infrastructure. #MSDyn365

Looking for a new approach to subscription billing? Contact a @Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at ATI to discuss and compare the costs of a subscription-based or on-prem centered infrastructure. #MSDyn365

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Robotic Process Automation: A No-Hype Buyer’s Guide

When is basic RPA enough, and when do you need a more full-featured solution that includes things like advanced decisioning and unstructured data capture? Get this eBook to learn the difference between basic RPA and RPA plus. Don't miss out on a $10.6B market. Tell us in the comments how we can help you get started. #RPA #automation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide Interactive Tour — Optimize Financial and Operating Models

It's time to enhance your financial decision making. Take the @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide Interactive Tour to see how your organization can drive performance, protect revenue and take better care of your customers. #MSDyn365

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Deploy Cloud Services Anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite

The distributed cloud enables you to deploy and manage public and private environments from a single pane of glass. This addresses common hybrid cloud challenges like inconsistencies between development practices across architectures. Read this article to learn how you can use IBM Cloud anywhere — on-prem and at the edge — with new IBM Cloud Satellite. An IBM partner, ATI can help you deploy market-leading solutions like IBM Cloud Satellite in your environment. Contact us with your questions.

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What is Distributed Cloud?

Hybrid cloud yields many benefits, but also challenges. Enter distributed cloud, an environment that brings freedom to run assets anywhere — including on-prem and at the edge — with a consistent deployment experience. Watch this video to learn how the distributed cloud works and how it solves hybrid cloud problems. A provider of distributed cloud solutions from IBM, ATI can help you overcome your hybrid cloud challenges. Contact us with questions. And don't forget to ask us about our new distributed cloud offering — IBM Cloud Satellite.

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SASE and Zero Trust: What’s the Connection?

Keep your business safe from the latest emerging cyberthreats with SASE. Secure Access Secure Edge (SASE) helps companies balance growth with security. Combined with Zero Trust, SASE helps to perform the necessary network security functions to support the dynamic secure access needs of your business. Read the blog for a SASE overview and when you're ready to transform your digital security posture, DM or drop a comment for flexible pricing options and implementation next steps. #ZeroTrust #SASE #cyberthreats

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Getting Started with IBM RPA Studio

Think of RPA as out of reach; something only for major tech firms? Actually, basic RPA can be so inexpensive and easy to deploy that in most cases there's little if any financial or business risk in experimenting with it. Watch this video to see how to get started with robotic process automation with @IBM RPA Studio. This video shows you the basics of starting and building a quick bot. Get in touch with us to find out how to get your virtual desktop trial. #RPA #automation

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