We at ATI are thrilled!!  Are You???

You should be.

We’re thrilled to announce a preview of a new platform for you that will enhance your customer and member experience in today’s digitally connected world!

PokeNLink: Your Ultimate Community™

The PokeNLink™ platform allows you to create a web-based and custom community that helps you connect, collaborate, and market to engage customers and prospects through your neighborhood and retail store.  Within your PokeNLink Community, you will find a comprehensive marketing machine:  Sells your products, Markets with video communication, Shares documents & media, Advertises your events, Promotes your sponsors, Manages Facebook & Twitter feeds, and more in one single application.   Why do all of these separately when you can do them with your powerful PokeNLink Community?

Information is Power:  Data mining and reporting analytics in your User Administration base will allow you to leverage your existing network and market to prospective customers creatively.  Promote YOUR Community as the central meeting place for communication and organization.

PokeNLink helps you:

  • Build Your Community
  • Brand your Business
  • Promote your Business
  • Grow Relationships
  • Manage Membership
  • Create New Streams of Revenue

PokeNShop:  A Customized Online Store

PokeNShop™ comes with an integrated marketing tool to create a customized online store.  It helps you build new revenue streams, drive your sales, sell merchandise, build memberships, collect dues & fees, and much more.

PokeNShop™ also helps in:

  • Fundraising
  • Promotion of event tickets
  • Direct marketing from your private and sortable Member Rosters

PokeNPromote: Harness The Power of Video Email

PokeNPromote™ is a video email system where you can categorize contacts and send TARGETED video emails.  Once you set up your profiles on Facebook & Twitter, you can keep your feeds updated through your Community.  This, again, is a fantastic feature that gets your face, voice, product, and brand delivered directly to the inbox of your customers and prospects using iWowWe’s effortless video email platform.  Video email targeted marketing increases customer interest, loyalty, and interactivity.

How would a better customer experience affect your business?  At PokeNLink, they believe that It’s time to get personal with the company!

Watch the sneak preview on Youtube!