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MacOS Monterey

The 20th iteration of Apples desktop operating system is coming out with updates to features for improved productivity. At ATI we consider the MacOS Monterey a reason to celebrate. For details check out this article by Appleholic Johnny Evans - #ATI #Apple #MontereyOS

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Rapidly Connect Applications and Data at Lower Cost with Agile Integration

Today more than ever, organizations require integration to transform engagement models and optimize channels while maintaining business resiliency. Your business needs a modern, agile approach to integration. Check out this infographic to see why IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the platform for agile integration and how IBM solution provider, ATI can help you get there. #IBM #CloudPak

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VDI Deployment Complications? Cloud Can Help

"Creating a #DaaS experience that rivals a physical PC experience is vital to the success of any deployment." Desktop-as-a-Service combines the advantages of VDI and #cloud to remove cost complexities and less functioning elements of any infrastructure. Let ATI show you how to benefit from virtual desktops in a cloud environment with @IBMCloud.

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Agile Integration: Container-based Micro Services-aligned Lightweight Integration Runtimes

How are you deploying integration technologies to move quickly to drive goals focused on multicloud, decentralization and microservices? Read this eBook to learn more about the merits of agile integration — a container-based, decentralized and microservices-aligned approach for integration solutions that meets the demands of agility, scalability and resilience required by digital transformation. ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud Pak solutions, can help you find the value of application integration for digital transformation. #IBM #CloudPak

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Thanks to the strategic partnership between VMware and IBM, ATI can bring you access to a turnkey, native VMware environment in IBM Cloud — so you can transform without refactoring apps and workloads. Read this blog highlighting 10 of the most compelling ways you can benefit.

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How to Modernize the Enterprise Integration Landscape in the Hybrid Cloud Era

As application workloads move to cloud platforms, enterprises are adopting cloud computing to make the most of the optimization and flexibility advantages cloud platforms and providers bring to the table. Read this blog to see how hybrid cloud is often the target for these enterprises, and how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration from IBM partner, ATI can help you achieve it. Share this post with your network! #IBM #CloudPak #hybridcloud

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Microsoft Office 365 25% price rise

Microsoft is raising the price of Office 365 by up to 25% in March of next year. Enterprise CIOs should start preparing now to reduce the hit. Take the advice of Joseph Cevetello, CIO of the City of Santa Monica, Calif., and get your house in order. To learn how you can limit the damage take a moment and check out this CIO news analysis. #ATI #Microsoft #MicrosoftOffice365 #Business #Enterprise #MicrosoftEnterpriseAgreement

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IBM’s Kyndryl spin-off

Kyndryl, IBM's managed infrastructure services business, which will be offering six global managed services practices, will be separating from IBM by the end of this year allowing both businesses to innovate and work with new partners. Kyndryl's six global practices will each manage a different aspect of technology, including: Applications, data, and AI | Cloud | Core enterprise and zCloud | Digital workplace | Network and edge | Security and resiliency. To learn more about IBM's Kyndryl please visit CIO.

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A Modern Approach to Hybrid Cloud Integration

 Cloud integration can be complex, but the right partner and solutions can help simplify things. Watch this video to learn about CVS Health's integration modernization story & see how IBM CloudPak for Integration from ATI can help simplify the path to the cloud. #IBM #CloudPak

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 What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

 Why is VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) a core part of many companies' IT strategy? Read this blog to examine what it is, how it works and the benefits it delivers. Contact us to learn how ATI can help your company benefit from VDI across a range of use cases with IBM Cloud and VMware.

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