Agile Software Development for a Competitive Market

Our IT solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization for your business.

We provide the ability for you to leverage our extensive domain and business expertise to achieve a quality, time-to-value product while increasing your organization’s strength for a more competitive title in the global business landscape. IT solutions and services help accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize asset utilization. Our industry solutions help you derive maximum value from IT investments. Our expertise and success are bolstered by long-term strategic alliances with advanced business software companies, helping us deliver better, faster, and more cost-effective solutions. We provide the highest level of customer service by deploying collaborative project management systems and communication channels. We have a highly experienced team of software developers, iOS Developers, Android Developers, Web Developers, and System Integrators. We are well versed in innovative technologies and modern-day approaches, ready to blend their experiences in developing a robust application for you.

At ATI, we follow agile software development methodologies, which evolve with web and mobile technologies, and are well-suited for application development. They enable short development cycles and delivery of working software at the early stages of the project lifecycle.

ATI has expertise in all business functions across over 25 industries for more than 30 years, delivering transformational outcomes for a new, digitally connected world. ATI has extensive experience in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Hardware-Software Integration, IoT Monitoring, and more,

Enterprise Solutions and IT Systems Integration

Enterprise Solution can refer to any business tool that reliably empowers you to access, share, and apply resources with your peers and customers, anywhere and at any time. Because a solution, by any definition, is a response to a problem, we insist that it be simple to implement, flexible to deploy, and easy to use. Our solutions are scalable, secure, and always cost-effective for large to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Our four decades of experience in the industry and enterprise sector serve as the foundation of our consulting services. Highly skilled, certified consultants work alongside you to help you gain immediate and long-term value from your IT investment.


Development & Integration Expertise 



Zoho CRM

Androide Apps

    • Open Sources: LAMP Stack (PHP/MySQL), WordPress, Drupal,  Joomla, and more
    • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Hyperledger, Solidity,  OpenCL, BitPay, Coinbase, and more
    • Microsoft Technologies:.NET, SharePoint, Office 365 Apps, MS Dynamics, and Azure
    • Java/J2EE: JSP, EJB, and Spring Framework
    • Oracle Solutions: Oracle applications, Siebel, PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards suites
    • CRM & ERP Solutions:  Oracle Siebel, SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, NetSuite, and Zoho
    • QA & Testing: Functional and usability testing, end-to-end testing, load, and performance testing, test automation

Open Sources

In the last 20 years, Open Source software has become a key ingredient in building high-quality, scalable, and secure technology. Infrastructure, financial services, telecommunication, high-availability computing, IoT, and social media are just a few industries that have experienced this shift. At the same time, our customers have been demanding high-quality, inexpensive, on-demand solutions. Therefore, developing and integrating systems has become an integral part of our technology infrastructure. At ATI, we are here to help you successfully integrate open source solutions into your existing business model. Our cross-industry expertise in open source software development and deep domain knowledge across various businesses helps us work closely with our client organizations. Your insights are opportunities for us; we are here to convert prospects into ideas and convert an idea into real-time business solutions – that can be implemented into diverse enterprise touchpoints.

Additionally, we leverage open source as a development model to promote universal access and redistribution, but we are also an active contributor to several open-source platforms. For example, Drupal is an open-source multifunctional CMS powering millions of websites, like the White House, NASA, McDonald’s, IKEA, and Twitter’s development community. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse society like us. Whether you are building Blockchain, Hyperledger, IoT, Big Data, AI, or anything else, user-driven innovation with open source has become the way to innovate. Users are driving the innovation today because they are closer to the problem, have access to the technology, and have the skills to master it. At ATI, we work with the users every step and solve their complex problems.

Microsoft SharePoint

If you still ask yourself, “Why do I need SharePoint to manage my business”? If you feel you do not have enough information about your organization’s effectiveness and compliance with core business processes as a decision-maker. Suppose you must make decisions and manage risk without having the complete information at your fingertips. In that case, SharePoint is the answer that can be used to provide visibility across the entire enterprise. Consider implementing a SharePoint-based solution that enables you to surface Line-of-Business data within the collaboration platform everyone uses, make data-driven decisions with confidence, manage risk and compliance across SharePoint and Exchange, and boost ROI.

SharePoint is the answer if you need to make decisions and manage risk without having the complete information at your fingertips.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The way people buy has changed. Your customers are constantly connected via their mobile devices, are plugged into social networks, and do their research to solve their problems. It is no surprise that customers are almost 60% down a sales cycle before they make contact with the company they are researching. Your customer relationship management (CRM) system should enable your prospects to excel in this new world. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will dynamically help you, and at ATI, we can help you design, develop and deploy.

Instrumentation & Measurement Software Development 

(Data acquisition and control system)

We have been designing and building automation, data acquisition, custom control, and test systems for over fifteen years. ATI’s approach transforms complex tasks into real-world solutions from design to deployment. ATI specializes in developing HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software used in various industry verticals: medical, manufacturing, transportation, energy management, building automation, financial administration, and more.

More: Process Control Automation

Cloud Ecosystem Integrator

As businesses commence their Cloud adoption, they are confronted with several providers specializing in infrastructure, platform, and applications. Bringing them together to suit business needs appears to be a daunting task. The lack of a single point of accountability, unclear SLAs, multiple pricing models, and contracts pose challenges for enterprises looking to get on the Cloud. Thus, adoption initiatives become time-consuming and challenging and do not deliver the correct business value. Our ecosystem comprises best-in-class Cloud partners, addressing various aspects of your cloud adoption initiative.

Our strategic relationships with leading Cloud providers help us deliver a trusted Cloud ecosystem to you.

Industries Served

  • Academia
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Automotive & Avionics
  • Human Resources
  • Telecommunication
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Non-profits

Work Smarter not HarderA survey conducted by IAOP found that 40% of companies that utilize outsourcing services experience technology-driven disruption as the single most significant influence shaping their industries. More than half of CEOs now partner with external resources to drive innovation, and the percentage is even higher among outperforming companies. Forward-thinking companies have broadened the definition of IT outsourcing by partnering with providers to speed up the time to market, attract new customers, and foster a culture of innovation. To achieve this objective, enterprises are always looking for best practices, innovations, and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and ensuring operational superiority.

At ATI, our passion is helping clients build more substantial businesses and maximize their competitive performance through innovative technologies and processes. We work with our clients to deploy IT resources with strategic business outcomes. Our clients enjoy reduced overhead expenses (financially relieving) and benefit from our experienced IT resource pool ready to support them when they need it.

Our Application Outsourcing Service portfolio includes

  • Application Development – Helps you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing, and building applications tailored to your business requirements.
  • Application Maintenance – Maximizes your existing IT applications through our maintenance and enhancement support.
  • Testing and Validation Services – Helps clients across industry verticals build Quality Assurance (QA) compliance through a combination of transformation models, offerings to address the changing technology landscape, framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.

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Cloud Data Migration

Data is the cornerstone of successful cloud application deployments. ATI offers a suite of tools and solutions to help you move data via networks, roads and technology partners.

Security, Governance & Compliance

Security, governance and compliance are top concerns. ATI helps customers understand and have robust controls in place to maintain security and data protection in the cloud.

Cost Savings & Optimization

The need to reduce costs is likely influencing your move to the cloud. We can analyze your cloud configuration, looking for ways to save you money and improve performance.

You manage your business, we will migrate and manage your Application.

According to 451 Research, enterprise IT executives expect 60% of workloads will run in the cloud by the end of 2018.

Whether you are migrating to the cloud to increase the productivity or save cost, we will help you navigate through each step of your cloud journey.

By implementing best practices to maintain your infrastructure, we help reduce your operational overhead and risks.

At ATI, we can supplement your team with specialized skills and experience can help you achieve those results.

We’re here to help to take your business beyond the cloud!

Through Extensive Experience, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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