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Microsoft Azure IoT Manufacturing Solutions

From driving efficiency to improving quality, IoT remote monitoring solutions help manufacturers gain real-time visibility and save costs. What technology solutions do you use to achieve fast, cost-effective results? How can you get even better results with Azure IoT? Watch this video to explore the benefits. @Azure #IoT

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NRGi: Stepping Up Security with Centralized, Real-Time Threat Monitoring

It's every company's worst nightmare: a cyberattack that takes out key systems and leaves the organization reeling. How did NRGi take the hit and bounce back with the improved ability to protect its business systems against hackers and malware? By working with @IBM Gold Business Partner SecureDevice to deploy a central monitoring system that: • Detects advanced threats • Automatically enables more proactive network security responses • Provides time to take targeted action to keep systems secure Learn more 👇.

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Supply Chain Woes: Analytics May Be the Answer

Supply chain 🔗 woes are ongoing and significant and can wreak havoc on your business. How do you combat the risks your business? Read this blog to see how machine-learning-powered data analytics can improve supply chain operations. #DataAnalytics #ML

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Mapping Microsoft’s expedition to the cloud with good cartography

Have you mapped out your journey to the cloud? Tell us how ATI can help get you started. We suggest also reading this @Microsoft blog sharing lessons learned on its own cloud journey. #Microsoft #Azure

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IBM Cloud Satellite in 2+ minutes

What if you could get IBM cloud services anywhere you needed them, delivered as-a-service from a single pane of glass controlled through the public cloud? Now you can. Introducing IBM Cloud Satellite. Watch this video for a 2-minute overview of what it can offer and find out how ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud services, can help you get it working for your business. #IBMCloudSatellite #distributedcloud

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Free Supply Chain Management Consultation

Dealing with supply chain management challenges is stressful. We're experienced in helping customers organize and manage resources around supply chains. Book a complimentary Supply Chain Management Consultation with one of our supply chain experts to assess opportunities and areas for improvement.

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Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

We hear a lot about how the right cybersecurity solution is essential to protecting data and user privacy. We don't hear as much about how the right cybersecurity solution can improve other business outcomes—including the all-important productivity index Discover how one global industry leader leveraged @IBM QRadar to consolidate its security platform, while accelerating productivity.

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Customer Success Story: The Little Potato Company

What does advanced threat protection and identity management look like with cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365? Family-owned agriculture business, The Little Potato Company, tells all in this customer story. Get the story to learn how the company protects its environment against sophisticated attacks with strict identity and access management controls. Comment below to let us know how ATI can help protect your business with Microsoft Security solutions. @msftsecurity #Microsoft365 #Azure

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IBM QRadar: The Intelligent SIEM

Every day, cyber attackers break into networks just like yours disguised as employees and delete their tracks as they go. It can take up to 8 months to find and eliminate a cyberattack once it breaks into your network. No business has time for that. Watch this video to learn how you can detect and prioritize threats fast with #QRadar

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