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Banco Sabadell: Reinforcing security with IBM Cloud and Red Hat

 How would you go about choosing a technology provider to deliver reliable cloud technology with expertise in managing environments and improving software development? Share your approach in the comments. To learn from the successful experience of other enterprises, read this customer story to see how IBM Cloud and @Red Hat enabled Banco Sabadell to build a security-rich IT infrastructure designed for high availability. #IBMCloud #RedHat #cloud

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Driving Fan Engagement to New Heights

What happened when cloud met data at the 2020 Masters? ⛳ Share your answers in the comments. Then read this customer story to get lessons from the Masters on how to create new value with an open, hybrid cloud approach powered by AI and Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud — a ATI offering. #RedHat #OpenShift #hybridcloud #data

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Securely connect any user to any resource

Trying to strike the right balance between frictionless access, boosting productivity, and a Zero Trust approach to security? @IBM Security Verify brings context and intelligence to decisions about who should have access to what, empowering organizations with risk-based authentication and Adaptive Access. Explore the demo and learn how to master the balance between security and user experience. #ZeroTrust

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IBM Security Verify Free Trial

It's time to make smarter decisions about which users have access to your business's data and apps on-prem or in the cloud. Watch this interactive demo to learn how you can protect your enterprise with @IBM Security Verify. This low-friction, cloud-native, SaaS approach leverages the cloud and even provides a smooth path to cloud, so you can transition at your own pace for legacy, on-prem apps. #dataprotection #appsecurity

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Streamlining DevOps in Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, On-Premises, and Edge Environments

 What goals do you want to achieve by supporting secure, always-on apps? Click: 💡 for modernization 👏 for rapid application development 👍 for advanced security 🧐 for "can't just choose one!" Read this whitepaper to see how Red Hat OpenShift for IBM Cloud helps modernize, improve security, and speed application development. Get started today with IBM Cloud solutions from ATI. #RedHat #OpenShift #IBMCloud

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Learning the Building Blocks You Need for Consumer Identity and Access Management Part 2: Engage

#DYK: 25% of users abandon an app after first use because of a bad experience? Strike the right balance between safe and empowering with successful #CIAM. Learn more:

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Journey to the cloud via Microsoft Azure and lessons learned along the way

Understanding your datacenter environment is key to a successful cloud migration. Watch the video to gain insight into the valuable lessons @Microsoft learned on their journey to the cloud via Microsoft #Azure.

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Microsoft boosts Viva Sales with new GPT seller experience

Microsoft is revolutionizing how sales teams sell to and engage prospects with ground-breaking AI-powered experiences. Intrigued? Read this blog to learn about a new generative GPT seller experience in @Microsoft Viva Sales.

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