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Onward with security that lets HUG HUB bring insurance into the digital age

A business that's experiencing rapid growth relies on a platform that easily scales with their needs. Read this customer story about how HUG HUB, a London-based insurance solution firm, uses Windows 11 Pro from @Microsoft 365, combined with their cloud services to keep their remote employees at peak productivity while securing customer data and source codes.

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Vattenfall Streamlines service, scaled for sustainability and growth with Dynamics 365

How did a major European energy company like Vattenfall AB reimagine their sales and service processes for improved efficiency and customer engagement? Using @Dynamics365, they streamlined operations and bolstered sustainability efforts. Find out more from our latest @Microsoft Dynamics 365 case study.

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Isn’t it time you made the move to modern endpoint management?

If your business has a hybrid work model, you need secure and easy to manage laptops. Equip your workforce with @Microsoft Surface to make endpoint management and security easier and more effective. See the infographic.

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2023 Identify Security Trends and Solutions from Microsoft

Protecting personal information and data is critically important in today's era of identity theft and ransomware. Cyber-criminals can do a lot of damage with your customer and employee data. Personal information can also be used to trick your emplo yees into sending confidential data or money to someone posing as an executive. Learn about identity management trends in this @Microsoft article. #security #cybersecurity #identityprotection

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Fannie Mae Builds Productivity and Data Safety with Microsoft Security and Data Protection Solutions

How do you protect massive amounts of data, especially data that includes customer financial information? Comment to share tips. Mortgage facilitator, Fannie Mae builds its security infrastructure on @Microsoft Azure. Get the story.

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Xiaomi improves its customer service and post-sales supply chain management with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Rethinking global customer service? Get lessons learned by Xiaomi when it integrated @Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to transform its approach to customer service and supply chain management. Read the story and imagine the benefits your organization could reap. @Microsoft Dynamics 365

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