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4 Breakthrough Ideas for Compliance and Data Security

If you're looking for a more efficient and scalable way to protect your organization's diverse, expanding datasphere, you'll benefit from the tips in this Microsoft Security eBook, "4 Breakthrough Ideas for Compliance and Data Security." Download it here.👇 @Microsoft Security

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Zenfolio Harnesses Cloud Computing to Ride the Rising Tide of Data

 How do you manage large volumes of unstructured data in a way that's cost-effective, easy to access, scalable and efficient for IT? ATI recommends learning from the experience of Zenfolio, a company that migrated to @IBM Cloud Object Storage when image hosting requirements started to get unmanageable. Check out this short video. Then tell us if you'd like to talk to one of our experts about how ATI can help you migrate and save. #IBMcloud #CloudStorage

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Introducing Adaptive Protection in Microsoft Purview—People-centric data protection for a multiplatform world

If you want to take a people-centric approach to security, read this blog on Microsoft Purview. Learn how machine learning-powered Adaptive Protection automates security responses and adapts to threats in real-time. @Microsoft Security

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Enterprises Rely on Public Cloud Object Storage to Manage Data Growth, Ensure Resilience, and Generate Value

Data growth is increasing exponentially. IDC predicts an installed base of enterprise storage capacity of 13.2ZB in 2024—more than twice what it was in 2019. How do you handle zettabytes of data? Download this report 👇🏼 and discover the value of cloud object storage. #CloudStorage #IBMCloud

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Fuel Application Innovation with AI Cloud Services

Unlock the true potential of your applications with AI in the cloud. Download the Microsoft-commissioned Forrester report highlighting 5 use cases for transforming your business and fueling innovation. See how fast you can realize value and gain a competitive edge.

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