Retail Trends Playbook 2021

 Accommodating new customer shopping experiences like contactless shopping and curbside pickup can be a challenge to retailers of all sizes. What other challenges should your retail business be focused on and how can you plan a strategy for the future? Download this eBook for insight 💡 and give this post a 👍 if you'd like help strategizing from the experts at ATI.

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Microsoft Azure for Retail Industry

What customer experience improvements do you plan to initiate this year? Share your ideas with ATI in the comments. Watch this video to see how your business can deliver innovative customer experiences by using the vast portfolio of services provided by @Microsoft #Azure #movetothecloud

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 Boosting Customer Response Rates by Up to 60%

 How did PBM drive a 60% increase in customer response rates, expand capacity in real time and improve regulatory management? It built a scalable, security-rich environment with the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud and other IBM Cloud Services. Get the full story. An IBM Cloud provider, ATI can help you write your organization's digital transformation success story. Contact us when you're ready.

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Five Automation “Have-to-Haves”

Automation requirements have changed. How different does your automation roadmap look compared to the start of 2020? Chances are that the pandemic forced you to shift automation priorities. You're not alone. The old normal is gone. An in-depth study of 20 large enterprises revealed 5 have-to-haves for automation success in 2022 and beyond. Read this to spark ideas. #automation #CloudPak

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ExxonMobil & IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Consumers expectations are changing — and in the age of digital, you need to transform your customer experiences. Check out this video to learn how ExxonMobil turned to IBM Cloud to boost customer loyalty with a new smartphone app. #cloud #ux

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Evolufarma unlocks tangible competitive advantage for pharmacies

To gain a competitive advantage, you need customer insights. How do you get them without a struggle? With a CRM built on the IBM Cloud platform, pharmaceutical company Evolufarma strengthened customer loyalty. Read the success story and reach out to us at ATI with questions. #IBM #Cloud

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Four Actions That Can Make (Not Break) Your End-to-End Automation Strategy

End-to-end process automation helps grow revenue, increase efficiency and deliver uninterrupted value to customers. It can fill in the gaps revealed during the pandemic for companies that accelerated digital transformation. Give us a 👍🏼 if you're one of them. How do you decide what to automate to get the most value and competitive advantage? Read this to spark ideas. #processautomation #IBMCloud

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Strengthen Your Android Security

Want to strengthen your android security? Take a look at these impactful Android settings that can level up your mobile's safety - Also, don't forget to follow Our Latest Thinking - #ATIServe #Android #Security

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Guide to Google Sheets, a powerful spreadsheet app of Google Workspace

Do you want to be efficient at your work? Here's a quick guide to different features in Google Sheets, a powerful spreadsheet app of Google Workspace - Follow Our Latest Thinking for more such guides - #ATIServe

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Zoom Updates

With the latest updates, Zoom is aiming to help enterprise marketers and salespeople better engage with customers and employees using its videoconferencing platform. Check out these new features here - Follow our Latest Thinking - for more. #ATIServe #Technology

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