Retailers are Partnering with Microsoft to Connect Customers, People & Data

Consumers have come to expect personalized experiences at every touchpoint and the only way to deliver this is through analytics-powered insights. Microsoft Cloud for Retail enables retailers to transform the customer experience by unlocking and making actionable these valuable consumer insights. Get in touch for in-depth consultation from a ATI @Microsoft expert. #MicrosoftCloud #Retail

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What can Robotic Process Automation Mean for Your Business?

Doing more, faster, with less manual effort is what makes RPA (robotic process automation) so valuable. Here's a quick look at how the @IBM low-code studio lets you create bots to assist with tasks, or perform simple, repeatable, standalone functions that free your teams for more strategic work. Watch this video to spark some ideas and let us know in the comments what tasks you'd like to automate. #RPA

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What is Distributed Cloud?

 Hybrid cloud yields many benefits, but also challenges. Enter distributed cloud, an environment that brings freedom to run assets anywhere — including on-prem and at the edge — with a consistent deployment experience. Watch this video to learn how the distributed cloud works and how it solves hybrid cloud problems. A provider of distributed cloud solutions from IBM, ATI can help you overcome your hybrid cloud challenges. Contact us with questions. And don't forget to ask us about our new distributed cloud offering — IBM Cloud Satellite.

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 Deploy Cloud Services Anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite

The distributed cloud enables you to deploy and manage public and private environments from a single pane of glass. This addresses common hybrid cloud challenges like inconsistencies between development practices across architectures. Read this article to learn how you can use IBM Cloud anywhere—on-prem and at the edge—with new IBM Cloud Satellite. An IBM partner, ATI can help you deploy market-leading solutions like IBM Cloud Satellite in your environment. Contact us with your questions.

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IBM Security Zero Trust Acceleration Services

What's holding you back from Zero Trust? 👍 = Cost ❤️ = Too hard to implement 🧐 = Not sure where to begin IBM Security helps businesses like yours accelerate their Zero Trust journey by defining an integrated, multi-disciplinary zero trust strategy and offering a prescriptive set of steps needed to make it actionable. Read this brief & contact a ATI cyber security expert on accelerating Zero Trust adoption with @IBM. #ZeroTrust #cybersecurity

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Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Enabling Retailers to Transform Consumer Experience and Operations Through Data

Are you ready to: • Maximize the value of your customer data • Empower your store associates • Elevate the shopping experience for both your in-store and online customers The time to start growing your business is now! Contact ATI and talk to one of our Microsoft Cloud for Retail experts to discuss next steps. @Microsoft #MSCloudRetail

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When you think about #RPA, what tasks would you automate? Is your organization already using RPA, or is it on the roadmap? RT to start a conversation. Check here regularly to explore what’s possible with @IBM and ATI.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming smarter and more agile. Whether your organization is already using RPA or it's just on the roadmap, what tasks would you most like to automate that aren't yet? Reply to discuss the possibilities with an expert from ATI. #IBM #RPA

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Business Applications

Are you empowering your frontline workers to deliver the best possible customer experiences? Watch the @Microsoft Dynamics 365 video and when you're done watching, get in touch to discuss how ATI can get you started with a free one-on-one consultation with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert. #MSDyn365

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Microsoft Dynamics Demand Forecasting

Looking to improve your visibility to enhance demand forecasting @Microsoft Dynamics 365 forecasting solution leverages machine learning and AI-driven insights to improve businesses' ability to produce accurate forecasts. Check out the details and get in touch with the experts on demand forecasting at ATI for a one-on-one consultation. #MSDyn365

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