Tribal Knowledge To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture In An IT Landscape

Tribal Knowledge To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture  Security has always been a [...]

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The Forrester Wave™: Security Analytics Platforms

Traditional cyber security isn't cutting it in this age of accelerated digital transformation. 60% of companies are using 25+ unique security products just to keep up. Businesses like yours need an all-in-one security solution that allows you to gain comprehensive insights to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to threats. How do you choose the right cyber security solution? Read this analyst report by #Forrester. 11 of the most significant security analytics platforms researched, analyzed, & scored based on a 27-criteron eval. View the results.👇 #cybersecurity #securityanalytics

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The future of hybrid work: Reimagining employee experience

The surest way for a business to forfeit its competitive advantage is to not adapt to a changing landscape. And since #hybridwork represents a transformational change in how employees work and collaborate, businesses must invest in tech solutions that meet the unique demands of the hybrid workforce. Here's your blueprint for getting started:

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Hybrid Cloud Explained

The hybrid multicloud provides a portable, secure and interoperable environment to help scale IT. If you're trying to figure out how hybrid cloud can fit within your existing environment, check out this video from IBM Cloud. It shows how multiple private and public clouds work in tandem, and how you can use a hybrid architecture to drive results. Contact ATI to learn more. #hybridcloud #multicloud #IBMCloud

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Cloud-Native Everywhere: Partnering with IBM on the Open Hybrid Cloud

Continuity of business applications is critical to success for today's enterprise. But organizations also need to achieve cost savings and extend the value of their existing application investments. Hybrid cloud helps achieve all of this with a secure, scalable foundation. See the benefits of hybrid cloud and how ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud solutions, can help you succeed with IBM Cloud. #hybridcloud #IBMCloud

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Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters

What is the best way to make reliable datacenters and manage IT infrastructure across the cloud? Watch "Building the world's computer with Microsoft Datacenters" and "like" if you like what Microsoft delivers in the cloud. Comment if you'd like help from ATImaking the most of Microsoft cloud.   #Microsoft #cloud #Azure

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