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 The Weather Company Migrates to a Secure, Scalable Global Architecture in the IBM Cloud

Scaling as fast as the weather changes seems like a tough challenge — but the Weather Company does just that while serving 250 billion on-demand, hyperlocal weather forecasts daily. Check out the video to see how IBM Cloud makes it possible for the Weather Company to map the Earth's atmosphere to provide reliable forecasts to as many as 100 million daily users. Want to learn what you can do with IBM Cloud? Contact ATI for expert insights. #IBM #Cloud

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What are your top #cloudmigration concerns? With @MSFTDynamics365, the journey is less complex and less costly. And you can’t beat the jump in productivity! Follow us to discover how ATI can ease the transition.

Privacy and security are top concerns for many businesses considering cloud migration. What are yours? Follow us to discover how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts at ATI can help you plan a migration with less costs, less complexity and more access to cutting-edge technology. Now that's worth 👏! @MSFTDynamics365 #cloudmigration

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Zero Trust to Stop an Insider Threat Attack

Click 👏 if you're ready to stop #insiderthreat attacks on your business. With @IBM, ATI helps you adopt a zero trust #cybersecurity approach. A Zero Trust architecture for your business can significantly collapse the amount of time it takes to contain an insider threat attack through dynamic access and automated remediation. Watch this for insight 💡. #insiderthreat #ZeroTrust

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Where is your business on your #cloudmigration journey with @MSFTDynamics365? What challenges might you encounter? Wherever you are, ATI can help you make a smooth transition. Check regularly for updates.

Making the decision to migrate on-prem solutions to the cloud is a big decision. Where does Microsoft Dynamics 365 fit in with your plans? As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer, you can get access to cutting edge technology and solutions enabling you to control costs, improve overall IT productivity with less complexity. Wherever you are on the journey, ATI has the Dynamics 365 and cloud migration expertise to help you stay the course. @MSFTDynamics365 @Microsoft

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Paying it Forward with Connected Smart Meters and Beyond

Collecting data is useless if you can't do anything with that data. What happens when you don't have developers on staff to create and use integrations that make that happen? Feel free to share your experience. Read how the electric supplier Elmar used @IBM CloudPak for Integrations to boost the speed and accessibility of its data services. Get in touch to discuss how access to your data can pay 💰. #CloudPak #automation

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Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Mobile Overview

Looking for a way to simplify broad-scale deployment of collaborations that involve repairs and inspections. With a mix of live video calling, mixed-reality (MR) annotations and high-resolution snapshots, tech teams using Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile or @Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile) can share what they see with the remote collaborator to troubleshoot problems together, faster. Read the blog for insight and DM us to get in touch for a one-on-one walk through with a mixed reality expert atATI. #MSDyn365

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

Watch this video to see how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program accelerates your transition to an on-prem Dynamics solution to the Azure cloud. How can ATI help you make the move with minimal risk? Share your thoughts. #movetothecloud #Dynamcs365 #onprem

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Automatic Speech Recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition allows businesses to analyze any type of video or voice and verify they stay in compliance with their regulatory requirements. It also provides searches for keywords and phrases with exceptional AI and reports compliance red flags in real-time. Learn more about Automatic Speech Recognition - Follow Our Latest Thinking - for more. #ATIServe #compliance #speechrecognition

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How AI Can Help Reduce Landfill Waste

Recycling isn't just for plastics ♻️. App modernization is the circular economy of IT, allowing you to repurpose existing applications and apply them to multiple use cases. Check out this case study to see how @IBM Cloud Pak solutions can help you break free of the monolith and get the most from your apps. #AI #CloudPak

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