Smartest Social Media Marketing Services For Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing is changing the way Small Business Owners market. Let’s take a peek at some statistics that illustrate this:

  • In 2013, social media marketing will increase by 80 percent for small businesses.
  • More than half of small business marketers spend 10 minutes or more daily on social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is becoming a vital tool for small business owners, and look at the given infographic to understand  how more and more small businesses are leveraging social media:

Social media marketing helps small businesses:

  • Extend their reach to clients by covering vast touch points and varied focuses.
  • Connect with target audiences, clients, and prospective clients in platforms and communities where they already gather.
  • Heed customer expectations that they actively engage in social media and proactively respond to their client’s feedback.

As a small business owner, you want to generate more and more solid leads and convert most of those leads into sales.

The Strategic combination of Social Media, Content, and Search Marketing is the foundation of your Smart Digital Marketing strategies, which will grow any business.

Following are some of the many Digital Marketing Initiatives you can consider for your small business:

  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Organic Search Engine Optimization
    • Paid Search Engine Marketing
    • Local Listings of  Business
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook Page Creation and Management
    • Twitter Handle and Management
    • Blogger Outreach Program Management
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
    • Corporate Blogging
    • Articles for Products and Services
    • Article Marketing and Promotion
    • Social Bookmarking
  •  Email and Newsletter Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Newsletter Creation and Management
    • Newsletter  Mails Marketing
  • Marketing Communication
    • Brochure Design and Development
    •  White Papers Design and Development
  • Web Development
    • Site Design, Development, and Maintenance
    • Custom Application Development
  • Mobile Development
    • Mobile compatible Site Development
    • Mobile Apps Development
  • Social App Development
    • Custom Community Development
    • Social Apps, Plugins, and Widget Development

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