Global competition and price pressure have driven industries to improve their operational efficiency by leveraging the massive amount of data available from equipment, sensors, and databases across the enterprise. Making sense of the data and reducing the latency between events and activities is challenging for most organizations. Lengthy, complex IT projects to address this need to come up short often and have a questionable ROI. 

The first challenge is understanding all the data you hold and introducing governance procedures to make it a valuable decision-making tool. With enormous challenges and opportunities, getting a grip on information is vital. ATI can help you find the best applications for your business to show you how data, analytics, and the IoT can create opportunities.

One of the tools in the ATI toolbox is XMIoT Agile Application Suite for Industrial IoT. XMIoT Agile Application Suite for Industrial IoT is a robust platform that:

  1. Provides real-time responsiveness to equipment issues

  2. It helps move from reactive to predictive operations and improves asset utilization

  3. Enables system integration and application development in weeks

The XMPro Agile Application Suite includes a comprehensive development and deployment environment optimized for industrial IoT applications.

What does IoT technology mean for your business?

ATI can answer these top 3 questions:

How do I incorporate IoT advancements into my current system?

 How do I make these changes without disrupting my business?

How do I make sense of the data I collect?

ATI  is helping many businesses convert to IoT (the Internet of Things). At ATI, we provide the Monitoring and Analytics it takes to create governance procedures that turn information/raw data into valuable decision-making tools. We would love to know what you’re working on and how we can help.

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