Your website is the public face of your product, service, and brand!

Are you just starting out?  Do you have an ancient looking informational website on the web? Today’s smart electronics are revolutionizing the way people gather information.  You need an effective, clean, easy to navigate web-presence that works on all types of devices. Here are some important tips to make your website more appealing, responsive and engaging.

Remember! Most people skim the content.

1. Provide frequent updates and relevant information. 2. Keep it short.   3. Use pictures. Keep it lively and you’ll keep the visitor interested in browsing your site.

Choosing Colors and Theme:  Choose a theme that looks professional, yet is personal for the character of your brand. Choose simple colors and a crisp layout.

Easy Navigation: Have a conspicuous navigation bar or list for the visitor to browse. Group pages under the same topic. Make it easy to understand the navigation and save your readers’ valuable time.

Businesses survive on trust: Target new customers by providing testimonials about your work from some of your happy customers. Show off a little. Provide your contact information frequently and make it easy for your customers to stay in touch.  

Responsive (Mobile-Optimized): Over 5.3 billion people or 77% of the world’s population are now on mobile devices. This growth has led to an explosion of various devices and networks connecting each other and creating a seamless world. Consumers and enterprises views on how a mobile device can change their lives or enable them to do business better are rapidly evolving, even as vendors and service providers continuously innovate to fuel this mobile culture. Develop a website that lets your customer buy the fastest way – at the movie theater,  airlines or in the restaurant!  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using a structured SEO strategy is actually one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways to market your products and/or services. Since visitors coming from a search engine are searching for your specific product or service, they are highly likely to purchase your services (resulting in high conversion rate). What gets better than a steady stream of traffic for your website? Beat the competition in the digital world by investing in SEO strategies for your site. It is a cost-effective and sustainable way of marketing your business on the web. SEO promotes your website’s visibility during internet searches, thereby greatly enhancing your customer reach-out capability. Way to go for generating a huge customer base!                                                                                                                                    

If you have any questions about how to build an effective website that drives RELEVANT traffic and converges, please feel free to reach out to us. We can do a free audit, find out broken links and provide you a report (or recommendations).  Check out our website and contact us at  [email protected] or 888.485.5132.