By 2017, Your smartphone will be Smarter than You

According to a new Gartner report, over the next four years, smartphones will become so intelligent that they will be able to predict their owners’ next move. Smartphones will collect contextual information from its calendar, its sensors, the user’s location, and personal data.

The technology will be based on cognizant computing – the next step in personal cloud evolution. As it develops to perform these tasks, data stored in the cloud will also allow devices to make sense of information gathered.

The concept consists of four distinct stages:

  1. Sync me – phones able to store digital assets
  2. See me – devices which know where the user has been in the physical world and on the internet
  3. Know me – smartphones able to proactively offer information
  4. Be me – smartphones able to act on the users’ behalf


Gartner also believes cognizant computing will become one of the strongest market forces affecting the entire ecosystems and value chains across IT over the next two to five years.

Source Credit: Gartner