911 Emergency Training

911 Emergency Training

At ATI, we are thrilled to launch these public safety training apps for NCT9-1-1. Texas public educators needed an interactive digital tool to teach at public events like school seminars and public affairs. NCT9-1-1 serves a population of 1.7 million and 10,800+ square miles.

We all know about it and when and what to do with it. But are we ready when an actual emergency occurs and we, the adults, are not in a position to dial 911? Do our kids and family around us know how and when to dial for help quickly? Not just for others, but what if they are in danger?

Calling 911 saves lives because delays in recognition and attending to time-sensitive conditions can be the difference between life and death.

As a mom, I always felt how my kids would handle a 911 call; God forbid if they had to.

Children are delicate, and they react differently when a strange situation is thrown at them. Even the smartest would have tough challenges facing a life crisis that they might have never considered. They might have anxiety speaking to non-family members; they may not be ready with the information to be provided to the first responders.

It never hurts, and I would say it is necessary to teach our young the situations/circumstances they have to call 911 and how to navigate the call process. ….

We need to talk and teach our kids about emergencies – be it adults not responding, someone being injured, a significant fire, or any emergency that beckons the help of first responders. It could be even someone hurting them, or they are in danger. We must prepare our young ones to face any situation with calmness and thoughtfulness and be mindful of things happening around us.

911 App

When we at ATI finalized the project for a 911 education simulator App, my excitement was no less than a little girl jumping around and knowing this was the one that is the most needed if kids like mine would get a feel and understanding of how to dial 911 (by not dialing it) and get educated on the proper use of dialing 9-1-1, including how, when, why to dial 9-1-1.

It’s lovely to see the success of the app that we developed and is being used by “North Central Texas Emergency Communications District” and continues to help children learn the use of 9-1-1

I guess you all can relate to me here. Writing a non-technical blog is not easy for me, especially regarding one of the projects you worked on. Check out our simulator app, and we are listening for your feedback!

Check out the app and encourage your kids to teach young children how to dial 911 and navigate the direction with the emergency dispatchers!

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