Exciting news for Enterprises and App Developers!

Finally, Apple has released a revolutionary smartphone – the all-new iPhone 6 today! The ios8_phonenext will be a large format “phablet” version just in time for Christmas. By all accounts, this new iPhone launch is big and could help Apple sell over 200 million iPhones this year alone. During a keynote session at WWDC, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi called iOS 8 “a huge hit in the enterprise”, noting the breadth of iOS-tailored enterprise apps, as well as enterprise manageability, features Apple has added to the operating system over the years. Throughout the conference, it has become clear Apple’s enterprise mobility focus is only picking up steam with its latest release.

Why Shift to iOS 8 Swift?

Apple claims that Swift is about to show a huge performance lead of 40-50% over Objective-C. It is web-orangetuned to get the most out of Mac, iPhone and the iPad, and will make the apps lightning-fast. Besides conforming to the modern app development methods, Swift also has the ability to automatically deduce the type of an expression, making it easier to write cleaner and efficient codes.

Sharing Options

In the past, sharing options were exclusive to only big-name social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but now Apple has opened up this option to all developers allowing users to easily share what is important from any application.


Apple is making it easier for users to view and edit documents. iOS handles documents by enabling more 3rd party applications to view and edit documents. This will create a cleaner integration between apps and users will not need to create extra copies of the document.

New API Capabilities

Apple has created over 4,000 new APIs and services. These new APIs and services will eventually create a new category of apps and features for Apple products. Below is a list of iOS 8’s new capabilities.

Custom Actions

Developers will have the chance to make applications more useful with new custom actions features. Past versions of iOS only offered a few action options such as assigning photos to a contact or print a document. Now iOS 8 allows developers to create their own custom actions. Some apps can include a watermark option or another application could include a translate option.


iOS will allow developers to enable photo editing apps that will enable the user to edit photos directly on the camera roll without the tedious need to import them first.


With the new Health Kit, developers can develop health and fitness apps that share data with each other. In this way, users can easily stay fit using multiple apps.


The HomeKit is a new way users can control their devices using Siri. Developers have the freedom to create apps that will turn on the lights or turn up the thermostat just by using Siri.


With the new CloudKit, developers can take advantage of the power iCloud offers for their apps. With CloudKit, developers have the option of having users sign in with their Apple ID, removing the need for users to constantly input their personal information.

New Gaming Technologies

SpiteKit enables developers to create high-performing, battery-efficient 2D games. Apple has put their improvements on SpiteKit with iOS 8. Apple claims that these improvements will make characters move more naturally, allow developers to add force fields, detect collisions, and create new lighting effects in games.

Apple is allowing more functionality in the notification center. iOS 8 allows developers to create widgets that display information in today’s view. This will help users easily access information without opening an app.

New possibilities for developers

Apple claims that the new iOS is the biggest release for developers since the introduction of the App mobile-enterpriseStore. iOS 8 includes over 400 API’s enabling new features and capabilities. The software also includes new technologies for game development. These new features will enable developers to do things that were not possible before on iOS.iOS 8 allows developers more access to its features. Developers will have a better and a more customized experience changing the way iOS users interact with its applications.

In Summary:

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