At ATI, we believe the Internet of Things (IoT) starts with your things, where “your things” are what matter most to you, your business, and especially your customers. IoT is vast, diverse, and constantly changing. IoT data from billions of interactions between devices and people is massive and complex.

While the Internet of Things is evolving to beneficially disrupt the way we live and work, at ATI, we are thrilled to help launch GogoJuice, the only web-based connection-service system of its kind in the world. We built GogoJuice in a rapidly changing way that power is connected and billed to the user through a continual web-based app. We make the web app natively, utilizing the best practices of IoT principles. The E-commerce (subscription) component is safe and secure via the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. The app is very rigorously tested. The system can be turned off with the desired fee for a duration of time, allowing locations to control their environments. GogoJuice supplies the customers with a reliable and convenient experience, giving them peace of mind while eliminating “Low Battery Anxiety.”

The system also functions as a wall outlet adapter controlled by a microcontroller. It obtains information by wi-fi connection and sensors, which the microcontroller uses to decide based on the received data (e.g., programmed parameters). Furthermore, a user can remotely access information and control devices plugged into the Smart Power-Strip, designed for IoT.

Four ideal environments can benefit from GogoJuice :

Hotels and Convention Centers – have been charging connection fees forever. The challenge is collecting and managing it on a large scale. GogoJuice has a solution that will eliminate that challenge and increase revenue capture and productivity. GogoJuice is 100% web-based and can be turned on and off for the desired length of time to capture 100% of the revenue opportunity while increasing availability and flexibility.

Airports – Air travel continues to see compounding growth, and with that growth comes the need to remain tuned in to passengers’ needs. Departing passengers are a captured audience once they pass through security – chances are good; they will need to charge their devices before departing.

Solars – Spending the day at an outdoor park or venue has apparent limitations on the power supply. We know that the longer the Customers can stay and play, the more money they will spend. GogoJuice solar is the perfect solution for these locations.

Fun Centers and Entertainment – More of these locations are popping up all around the country. And, the longer your Customers stay to play, the more they will spend. While playing, people remain connected – sharing images and stories on social media, getting more friends and family to join in on the fun, and keeping everyone engaged in the activities.

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Some ATI toolbox tools are IBM Watson, Microsoft IoT, and XMIoT Agile Application and Suite for Industrial IoT.  ATI can answer these top 3 questions –

  1. How do I incorporate IoT advancements into my current system?
  2. How do I make these changes without disrupting my business?
  3. How do I make sense of the data I collect?

ATI is helping an astounding number of businesses convert to IoT. At ATI, we provide the Monitoring and Analytics it takes to create governance procedures that turn information/raw data into valuable decision-making tools. We would love to know what you’re working on and how we can help. Learn more about ATI’s IoT initiatives at –

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