Increase the Intelligence of Industrial Operations with AWS IoT

Industrial IoT

Since the creation of the internet, devices are exponentially becoming “smart,” and the costs for the internet are decreasing. Wi-fi capabilities have been added to every device and sensor to track performance and metrics. Although some of the significant challenges with Industrial IoT is taking this large volume of data and compressing it to a level of understanding,  Predictive quality analytics extracts actionable and executable insights from industrial data sources such as – manufacturing equipment, environmental conditions, and human observations. As a result, businesses can quickly spot quality issues before cascading down the production process for improved yield and minimized scrap. Higher quality products will allow them to increase customer satisfaction and reduce product recalls.

How Can AWS IoT Improve Intelligence of Industrial Operations?

AWS IoT analytics’s many strengths include predictive quality, predictive maintenance, and asset condition monitoring. The predictive quality uses machine learning to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. AWS utilizes predictive maintenance by continuously monitoring equipment status and performance to prevent spontaneous breakdowns. Finally, asset condition monitoring can track all IoT data. This includes health and performance data, which produces results like minimizing production downtime. Even the industrial manufacturers that make simple objects, such as refrigerators, would greatly benefit from innovative technologies. One potential benefit of AWS technology in a fridge would be notifying the homeowner on display to buy more groceries or automatically ordering more if they ran out of an item.  

The power of AWS technology is vast, but here at ATI, we can answer your questions about AWS and the IoT. At ATI, we believe IoT starts with your things, where “your things” are what matter most to your business. IoT is vast, diverse, and constantly changing. IoT data from billions of interactions between devices and people is massive and complex. Predefined programs aren’t up to the task of analyzing it, and traditional systems can’t make sense of all IoT data combined with unstructured data, like weather and social. We at ATI are also AWS Technology Partners; we will help you navigate each step of your IoT cloud journey. We will apply our extensive expertise in managing cloud infrastructure and AWS at scale to support your IoT transformation.

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