Selling on eBay & Amazon with Shopify

Selling on eBay & Amazon with Shopify

Selling on eBay & Amazon with Shopify.

Shopify is the leading multi-channel E-commerce platform, powering over 600,000 businesses in 175 countries worldwide with a total gross merchandise volume exceeding $55 billion. ATI has recently partnered with Shopify, and with Shopify’s integration with eBay and Amazon, we are helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create a new sales channel for online stores. What does this mean for web-based merchants? In a constantly changing company, shop owners have to find new ways to keep up with their customers and trends that start to surface. Shopify is connecting with eBay & Amazon, along with other online platforms, which is helping online stores to do just that.

Extending our partnership to a new selling channel allows ease while managing a virtual Shopify store. Users now can create listings through eBay & Amazon and execute the order process through Shopify. By syncing product information with eBay & Amazon, the user saves time and can still manage products and listings from one place. This opens access to a broader customer base and a new form of expanding an online marketplace brand.

Not only will merchants be able to extend their products to new customers, but they will also have a platform for communicating with the customer about products and listings. EBay’s & Amazon’s built-in messaging feature closes the gap between the seller and the buyers to help build a better relationship. This can lead to eBay  & Amazon users returning for a more personalized form of online shopping. Creating this connection can lead to better products for buyers and higher revenue for merchants.

Building this new partnership benefits online merchants, their product, and their customer base. Being able to control multiple platforms at once while also managing a business and inventory is an exciting step in the right direction. Learning to extend brands across various platforms and adapt to new business forms will attract new customers and keep past customers coming back. Shopify creating easy access to new channels helps store owners make the changes they need to succeed in a consumer world that is constantly changing.

Benefits of Selling on eBay & Amazon With Shopify

  • Create new eBay & Amazon listings directly from Shopify in several categories
  • For products that exist on eBay & Amazon, create offers directly from Shopify in any category.
  • Sync product details, variants, and images to your eBay & Amazon Seller Central account
  • Link Shopify products with your existing eBay & Amazon listings for any category
  • Set unique prices and reserve inventory just for eBay & Amazon listings
  • Easily reconcile revenue from eBay & Amazon sales using Shopify reports
  • Sync inventory tracked by Shopify with eBay & Amazon listings
  • Fulfill eBay & Amazon orders directly from Shopify

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