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The Three Keys to Emerging Smarter

You've probably been focused on surviving the pandemic and creating new processes. But now it's time to make the shift from survival to growth, and determine how to emerge better equipped to handle disruptions in the future. This unique situation requires a middle ground between "going at it alone" and handing over responsibility — and that middle ground comes in the form of collaborative partnerships. Read this blog to learn more, and see why ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud solutions, is ready to be your collaborative partner. #IBMCloud #CloudPak

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Phone and Bluetooth Risks

Applications that we use on our mobile phones may be making us vulnerable to security risks. Specifically Apps that use Bluetooth technology to track our phones location. Check in with this article by Michelle Hampson to find out if you may be among the 40% effected - #ATI #Bluetooth #Technology

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Technology Merger & Acquisition

The first half of 2021 saw billions of dollars being passed around in mergers and acquisitions within the technology industry. For details about these impressive M&As please visit CIO - #ATI #Technology #MergerAndAcquisition

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US IT Jobs

US IT jobs are booming. This is good news, if you're a qualified candidate, something that there is a shortage of according to Janco CEO M. Victor Janulaitis. To find out more head to Computerworld and read Galen Truman's take on the situation - #ATI #ITJobs #ITIndustry

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Unlock the Business Value of Hybrid Cloud

What percent of enterprises have piloted, implemented or integrated cloud into operations? Take a guess 🤔 in the comments. To check your answer, get this report from IBM to learn how hybrid cloud drives revenue growth and innovation in the virtual enterprise. Get in touch to learn how the experts at ATI can get you started. #hybridcloud #storagemodernization

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How to accelerate digital selling with Dynamics 365

When managing a large number of leads, efficiency and organization are key. Manage your key activities in one place more efficiently with #SalesAccelerator and #Dynamics365. To learn more about this #Microsoft offering, watch this short video:

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