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Solution overview video

When you use @Microsoft's Activate Digital Selling solution, you equip your marketing and sales teams with the predictive #AI and unified customer data needed to make the digital buying experience rich, personal, and efficient. Learn more with this video:

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Movius: Going Global on the IBM Public Cloud

When Movius needed to simplify its multiline mobility service and position itself for growth, it turned to IBM Cloud for its enterprise-grade scalability, security and reputation of trust. Learn how the #IBMCloud helps Movius deliver better service to a global enterprise audience by maximizing agility and strengthening its focus on business-critical needs. An IBM Cloud provider, ATI can help your company drive growth.

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From monoliths to microservices: Modernize your apps now

Monolithic applications can make it difficult to work on individual functions in isolation. Read this blog to see why a modular microservices architecture is becoming standard for cloud development. ATI can help your organization leverage IBM solutions to get started on your application modernization journey. Share this post so others can learn how to transform from an on-premises monolith to a containerized microservices solution. #IBMCloud #CloudPak

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Windows 11 Update Guide

As is usually the case with operating system updates, people have been up in arms about Windows eleventh major release. Provided here by Preston Gralla on Computerworld is a guide to nearly everything you need to know - #ATI #ComputerWorld #Windows11

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Sustainability Reporting

It's increasingly important and expected for enterprises to report on their greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately there have been advances in the software used to make this process more possible. Check out Peter Sayer's article on CIO to increase your awareness - #ATI #Sustainability #GreenhouseGasEmissions

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Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: CRM Lead Management

Gartner's "Voice of the Customer" offers insights to vendors' customer relationships through statistical data. Learn how #GartnerInc's study in CRM lead management can inform the success of your own company when managing leads.

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Assembling your cloud orchestra

Although 98% of organizations plan to use a multi-cloud architecture, only 41% have a strategy. Even fewer have procedures and tools to support a migration. This infographic shows the steps and the metrics you need for successful implementation. Get in touch to learn how ATI can help you take the next step.

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Digital Transformation — A Necessity in Times of Uncertainty

Digital transformation is no longer optional. How can your business adapt in the face of unprecedented global change? Read and share this Forrester whitepaper for insight into why the time for digital transformation is now, and how ATI, a provider of IBM solutions, can help you to adapt and thrive. #IBM #digitaltransformation

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