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Rapidly Connect Applications and Data at Lower Cost with Agile Integration

 Did you know that, without a new approach, integration work will account for 50% of the time and cost of digital initiatives? There must be a better way. Right? Give us a👍. Let ATI show you what Check out this infographic to see why IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the platform for agile integration. #IBMCloud #CloudPak

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Four Reasons You Need Automation in Integration

What's your top reason for considering enabling automation in integration? Share your answer in the comments. Check out this blog for insight on IBM's 4. A provider of IBM Cloud solutions, ATI can help your organization automate integration. #IBMCloud #CloudPak

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4 Day

Among the endless number of work changes that have occurred due to the pandemic there is at least one that most people can get behind. The four day work week. Currently companies in a variety of industries are moving towards a four day work week. For more information about the ideology being this shift please visit ComputerWorld - #ATIServe #WorkWeek #RemoteWork

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Accelerating Cloud-Native Development with Managed OpenShift

With OpenShift, your team already knows the power of automation to deploy, scale, and self-heal in the cloud. But managing an on-premises-based OpenShift environment can still hold a team back with infrastructure management. Red Hat OpenShift on #IBMCloud is a managed Kubernetes service, brought to you by ATI, that takes over the operations work that blocks teams from innovating and updating the user experience of customer-facing applications. Read the solution brief and learn about the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM and some of Kubernetes-related tasks it manages for its customers.

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What is Cloud Integration?

Cloud integration enables multiple cloud environments to operate as a single IT infrastructure. But getting there can be a challenge. Working with a trusted partner like ATI can help ease some of these challenges. This blog provides a high-level view of the cloud integration picture and what it entails. Read the blog. Then get in touch to discuss how we can work together to get your cloud environment fully functional. #IBMCloud

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IBM and Red Hat Address Your Journey to Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks

The future of cloud is here! IBM #CloudPaks give you an open, faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud. Watch this video for an overview of these enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions. IBM Cloud Paks are certified by both IBM and Red Hat and help you blend both open source middleware and trusted proven enterprise-grade middleware together for the best of both worlds! Contact us at ATI if you want to learn more.

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The Five Automation “Have-to-Haves”

 What are 5 automation "have-to-haves"? Comment to share your answers. Get this eBook to hear what 20 large enterprises and more than 600 enterprise leaders have to say about priorities related to the pandemic and essentials for automation success. Ready to automate? Get in touch to learn how #IBMCloud partner ATI can help you reach digital nirvana. #IBMCloud #automation

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Microsoft is updating Teams, with a specific group of users in mind. Frontline workers. The people we all appreciate and can unanimously agree deserve a little more consideration. Okay probably a lot more. To find out how Microsoft is making this happen visit and read Charlotte Trueman's article - #ATIServe #MicrosoftTeams #FrontlineWorkers

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