ATI is helping visionary entrepreneurs redefine educational payments’ financial ecosystem using Cryptocurrency.

Nabu aims to redefine the financial ecosystem surrounding educational payments. By switching from the existing fiat payment system to one that uses token assets enabled by Blockchain technology, the endeavor is to, over time, reduce and eventually eliminate debt for students and academic institutions. One of the many benefits of this system is that it will make education accessible to all.

Current US Student debt is close to $1.5Trillion, where the average graduating student has accumulated over $36k in student loans. The average payback is roughly 10-20 years, based on interest rates and high monthly payments. Nabu aims to change that.

Nabu is a startup creating a new system that will pay students for their graded assignments and other activities. As students receive grades for their performance in class, activities, and sports, they will be awarded value in tokens. Their tokens will be able to be used towards their educational expenses: books, supplies, tutors, tuition, etc. Also, Nabu hopes to become globally recognized by multiple institutions so that students who wish to study abroad will receive tokens at any institution that is a member of the Nabu community.

The Nabu platform creates a community of institutions, professors, students, and parents, allowing interaction between familiar interest parties. Nabu is not a loan servicing company. No credit history is needed, no interest rates and the best part is no payback. Students earn their tokens through the institutions they attend, as long as the institution utilizes the Nabu system. This is an outcome of the token economy, enabled by Blockchain technology.

You can find more information on Nabu’s website: Nabutoken. io or on Nabu’s Facebook at Get access to updates on our journey through the Nabu newsletter; signup is available on our website at the very bottom.

Author: Joshua Neumann