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The 5 Biggest Business Trends In 2023 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

What trends will have the greatest day-to-day impact on the way we work and do business in 2023? See what best-selling author and futurist, Bernard Marr has to say. Whatever comes, we looks forward to working with you in the new year!

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IBM Security QRadar XDR

Smarter cyber attackers + more security tools = more pressure on your stretched-thin security team. Watch this demo video to see how you can save time by connecting tools, workflows, insights and people with the right security solution for your business. #QRadar

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Tech Providers in UK Financial Services Face Direct Regulation

IT providers that sell to U.K. financial services firms will soon face new regulations designed to ensure the resilience of U.K. banks. ATI invites you to learn how they may impact your business. Read the article here: #Azure #governance #financialservices

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 A New Kind of Cloud for VMware Users

How can a cloud platform designed specifically for VMware help companies finally apply the many benefits of the cloud to their infrastructures? Read this eBook for a look at current trends in cloud computing and how they affect today's VMware users. Find out how ATI can apply IBM Cloud solutions for VMware platforms to meet your unique needs. #IBMCloud #VMware

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OTTO: E-Commerce Giant Achieves Cloud Success with a Collaborative Security Approach

How do you revamp your #digitalsecurity when you go from selling 28 pairs of shoes to becoming the largest online retailer of home furnishing goods in Germany? E-commerce company OTTO needed help improving visibility and insight across on-premises and cloud platforms, as well as freeing security resources to focus on threat analysis, response and improvements. Discover how OTTO transformed its digital security with the right solution while scaling from 28 to 3 million units sold. #QRadar

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Movius: Going Big on the IBM Public Cloud

Movius was able to grow its business by shifting from on-premises IT to cloud, getting enterprise-grade scalability and security with IBM Cloud and Veeam on IBM Cloud backup and restore service. Read this case study to learn more, and find out how IBM solutions from ATI can help your organization grow securely. #IBMCloud

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