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The Art of Automation: Automation and Process Mining

Process mining is key to automation. You know you have business processes that need to be fixed, and you know automation can solve those problems. But how can you be sure you've uncovered the root cause of those problems? Process mining helps you dig deep and find where automation can have the biggest impact. Read this blog to spark more ideas💡 and drop us a comment if you'd like to learn more. #Processmining #Automation

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Secure the Container Platform by Building a Chain of Trust

Security shouldn't be a burden for your development team. IBM Cloud automates security for DevOps by tying the Docker engine and container orchestration system to a hardware-rooted chain of trust. Check out this video to see how IBM Cloud builds chain of trust with built-in integrity controls, making your security transparent and your scaling frictionless. Contact us at ATI to learn more about IBM Cloud benefits. #HybridCloud #DevOps

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Data is like gold—extremely valuable and often buried. #Processmining can uncover the data that holds the most business value. How could you put data to work to optimize your business? @ us and tell us your ideas💡.

 Data is like gold—extremely valuable and often buried. Process mining can uncover the data that holds the most business value, letting you analyze processes accurately and completely and uncover where automation and other process changes could have the biggest impact. How could you put data to work to optimize your business? Tell us your ideas💡in the comments. #Processmining #Automation

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Why is it So Hard to Understand Your Complex Business Processes

What kind of competitive advantage would your business have if more knowledge workers were freed from tasks that could be handled by automation, allowing them to work on more complex projects? Read this blog to see how artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing create intelligent automation, allowing automation to perform tasks you thought only humans could do. #automation #intelligentautomation

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 Why IBM Cloud Was the Only Choice for This European Payment Company

Regulations like #GDPR make it hard for financial services companies to maintain compliant infrastructures. When GEVA Group's customers in the finance sector asked for software-as-a-service solutions hosted in the cloud, the Germany-based payment transaction company turned to #IBMCloud. Read this case study to learn why choosing IBM Cloud for a cloud vendor was easy for GEVA Group.

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Reply with your #1 challenge to automating complex business processes👇🏼. Complex processes call for #intelligentautomation. Keep an 👁 on this space to see how ATI can help with @IBMCloud.

Intelligent automation streamlines cumbersome processes, makes decisions, and frees up human workers for complex jobs—giving you a competitive advantage. How can intelligent automation help you meet your business process automation challenges? Keep an eye on this space for solutions and recommendations from ATI. #intelligentautomation #cloudpak

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The Total Economic Impact of IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps with Instana

Forrester reports customers enjoy a 216% ROI from IBM Watson with Instanta. How does that sound? For a look at what drives these results, download the Forrester Report, "The Total Economic Impact of IBM Watson AIOps With Instana." Tell us in the comments if you'd to talk with one of our IBM experts about how ATI can help you achieve similar gains.

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Eight great reasons to adopt hybrid cloud with IBM Power Systems

Moving from on-premises to cloud infrastructure is not an easy switch. Shorten the learning curve significantly and get instant capacity with IBM Power Systems. You'll also get faster time to value while minimizing your risks — and costs. Check out this report to learn how #POWER9 gives you a fast, flexible and cost-effective pathway to the hybrid cloud.

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Four ways to get ready for Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud – IT Infrastructure

Looking to running AIX or IBM i workloads in the cloud? IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud provide significant value as an addition to your on-premises IBM Power Systems environment. Read this blog to get four tips for a smooth start with this new technology.

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