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8 Ways RPA is Helping Transform the Telecom Industry

Telecom companies are using RPA to keep up with technology and customer demand. Whether or not you work for a telecom, you can probably relate to the need to automate and streamline processes. Read this to spark ideas 💡 on the ways @IBM RPA can help you innovate.   #RPA

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  IBM Public Cloud: The Most Open and Secure Public Cloud for Business

 Big and agile sound like contradictions? Not for IBM Cloud. How does IBM do it? With hardened open-source software and leading security capabilities, for starters. Check out this video for more. If you're ready to build portable apps with speed and security —and take advantage of many other benefits of IBM Cloud — ATI can get you started. #IBM #Cloud

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Retail Day in the Life with Microsoft Teams

Unengaged employees equal unengaged customers. What retailer can afford either? 🤔 Keep your retail workers connected, productive and inspired and reap the domino effect of satisfied, excited and engaged customers. Watch the video and know that a ATI @Microsoft Teams expert is standing by to help you reimagine your retail operation. #Microsoft365 #MSRetail

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Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: Unified Customer Profile

See what's possible when you can instantly gain insights to deliver personalized customer experiences, uncover opportunities and prevent loss and churn. Watch the @Microsoft Unified Customer Profile video and like this post if you'd like to discuss what's possible at your business with a Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services expert. #MSFTFinServ #MSCloud

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IBM Cloud Reviews

 Some IT pros who've used IBM Cloud call it "by far the best cloud computing software I have ever used" based on features and service — and 81% would recommend it to their peers. Check out their ratings on Gartner's Peer Insights page. ATI can give you more insights on the benefits of IBM Cloud — get in touch with us to learn more. #IBM #Cloud

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  Movius and Sprint Create a Secure and Compliant multiline mobile platform with IBM Cloud

 Customers are engaging with your business in new ways. How can you meet new demands while controlling costs and maintaining compliance? Check out this video to see how Movius helped Sprint do it with IBM Cloud. Are you struggling to engage customers while staying compliant, gaining flexibility and controlling costs? Start a conversation with ATI to learn how we can help. #IBM #Cloud

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Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: New Updates to Further Accelerate Growth, Innovation and Connected Customer Experiences

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services offers improved customer engagement capability to deliver critical differentiated customer experiences. Read the @Microsoft blog and DM us to speak with one of our Microsoft Cloud technology experts. #MSCloud #MSFTFinServ

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services

 Various market forces are disrupting the financial services industry. Financial institutions need to innovate — while also solving challenges like regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. IBM Cloud helps financial institutions do both by offering an industry-specific public cloud infrastructure and an ecosystem that includes more than 30 technology partners. Watch this video for insights from IBM Cloud's CTO about trends and solutions for financial services. For more insights, reach out to ATI — an IBM partner, we help financial institutions drive transformation.

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