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 Achieve Better Business Performance with AI Powered Automation

Fixing broken processes is a problem for 2/3 of organizations surveyed in one study. How big a problem are they for your organization? Please share in the comments. Then check out this infographic to see how IBM CloudPak for business automation from ATI can help resolve these problems. #CloudPak #AI #automation

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Mission Critical Solutions Faster

Organizations need to innovate and scale globally. But many cloud tools make it difficult. What IT leaders need is a way to eliminate time spent on updating, scaling and provisioning. Enter Red Hat OpenShift on #IBMCloud -- a fully managed OpenShift service that leverages the enterprise scale and security of IBM Cloud. With this solution, users have a fast and secure way to deploy and manage enterprise workloads across hybrid cloud environments that unlocks the power of IBM Cloud for the Red Hat community. Check out this solution brief, to learn the challenges organizations face, and how this solution can help. Contact us at ATI to learn more.

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Intro to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Free your development teams to focus on driving new, competitive capabilities. Let IBM take care of the infrastructure with a highly manageable cluster! Watch this video to learn about Red Hat OpenShift on #IBMCloud, a fully managed OpenShift service with scale and security, brought to you by ATI.

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Citi Transforms Critical Internal Audit with Machine Learning, NLP and AI

When you think of exciting uses for the newest and shiniest data and AI tools, banking may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But this blog may change your mind. Read it to see how Citi transformed its internal audit process with machine learning, natural language processing and AI tools from IBM. Comment if you'd like to discuss what IBM solutions from ATI can do to transform your business. #AI #CloudPak

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Cloud Paks: An Open, Faster, More Secure Way to Move Core Business Applications to Any Cloud

Vendor "lock-in," rising costs and interoperability problems can cause challenges when developing new, cloud-native applications and modernizing existing ones to support cloud environment. With  IBM Cloud Paks, ATI can help reduce development cycles for core applications by up to 84 percent and cut operational expenses up to 75 percent. Download this white paper for insight.

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Corporate Banks Wake up to the Potential of Data Analytics

Banks are slowly realizing the commercial promise of data and data analytics solutions. But many institutions have a long way to go, moving beyond services to deliver limited business insight. Read this blog for insight on how to drive digital transformation by moving from closed systems to an open architecture. Tell us in the comments where you are on your organization's journey to better business insight. #data #dataanalytics #IBMCloud

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2022 Changes

It's the new year and a lot of us are understandably eager to find out how things will change in the workplace in a constantly changing world. 2022 is sure to bring more shifts and fortunately for workers many of those shifts will be geared towards keeping them happy. To learn more about what you can expect visit ComputerWorld and check out this insightful article by Matthew Finnegan - #ATIServe #Technology #HybridWorkplace

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IDC and IBM Lists Best Practices for Scaling AI as Investments Set to Double

 IDC expects worldwide spending on AI technology to more than double over the next four years. Read this blog to see what IDC's top analysts and IBM's data and AI leaders said about the future of AI, and how your organization can prepare to make the most of AI technology and its many possibilities. Did you find this blog useful? Share it, and let us know what you think in the comments. #AI #IBM

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