ATI is helping visionary entrepreneurs redefine financial ecosystem surrounding educational payments using Cryptocurrency.

The average graduate student carries over $36,000 in debt after completing 4 years at an institution of higher learning. In the US alone, the aggregate amount of debt owed in Federal Student Aid is $1.5 Trillion. This is a problem in need of a solution. Nabu is the solution. 

If you want to be a part of something truly innovative, help Nabu reach their goal so we can build this platform by donating and sharing with your network at Any help is appreciated! 

Nabu is building a “rewards based tokenization” platform that will award students in the form of tokens for their success in studies, activities, etc. We plan to change the economic model of education across the globe and make education more affordable. With tuition costs on the rise, we plan to help students around the globe reduce the financial burden taken on by seeking higher education.

Read about Nabu in this article outlining what we’re doing at


With all of our members being current or former students we understand the cumbersome cost of higher education. All members are currently working towards our goal without compensation because we would like to be the change that can help all future students globally with your help.


Assist Nabu to reach our goal by donating or raising awareness for our campaign. Please like and share Nabu on  and check out Nabu’s website at 

In order for Nabu to reach their goal of $150,000 we just need 7,500 contributors at $20 each. If all contributors were willing to donate just another $20 each we could halve that number to 3,750 contributors.  If a $50 donation is given, we will add the contributor to a preferred mailing list giving them explicit updates and an invitation to be a first user for when Nabu is available. We greatly appreciate all efforts and contributions to get Nabu to their goal!


Author: Joshua Neumann