Businesses today are embracing cloud-native platforms to enable deep analytics and AI. These platforms allow organizations to connect and organize data across their IT landscape and deploy data analytics and AI capabilities. However, as organizations make this digital transformation, they often struggle with separate teams operating in silos and a sprawling IT landscape. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection delivers visibility across hybrid multi-cloud environments with centralized policy management and data activity monitoring. With Guardium Data Protection, customers can address increasingly complex data security and privacy regulations while preventing threats and risky users in their tracks.

Our valuable distributor Arrow Electronics and and our Cybersecurity team at ATI are reaching out to invite you to a 30 min webinar that will highlight the value of IBM Security Guardium. During this session, your customers will learn about discovering and protecting sensitive and regulated data and managing compliance obligations. Please register using one of the links below.

Oct 19 Data Security Outcomes with IBM Guardium session 1

Oct 26 Data Security Outcomes with IBM Guardium session 2

Nov 2 Data Security Outcomes with IBM Guardium session 3

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