How AI Can Help Reduce Landfill Waste

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Recycling isn't just for plastics ♻️. App modernization is the circular economy of IT, allowing you to repurpose existing applications and apply them to multiple use cases. Check out this case study to see how @IBM Cloud Pak solutions can help you break free of the monolith and get the most from your apps. #AI #CloudPak

Preserving Customer Privacy Blueprint

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A zero trust approach to security can help organizations like yours protect customer privacy with access controls that are based on least privilege, giving access to only those with a legitimate need and for the agreed upon purpose. Read this blueprint & contact a ATI expert to learn how to successfully implement a Zero Trust approach that will protect your customers' data and meet your business's unique operational needs. #zerotrust

Businesses are Using Hybrid Cloud and AI with IBM to Keep Private Data Protected.

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How are you keeping your private data protected? A Zero Trust approach to security allows IT teams to innovate with open technology while safeguarding critical assets and data. Watch this video and contact a ATI cybersecurity expert to learn how you can better preserve your privacy using hybrid cloud and AI with IBM. #privatedata #cybersecurity #hybridcloud

How Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Enables Shared Surgery in Underserved Communities

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Mount Sinai Health System is on a mission to bring vital surgical care to underserved populations around the world. What's the strategy? In this customer story, Mount Sinai's Department of Surgery Chair and Surgeon-in-Chief describes how Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens 2 enables the hospital system to create sustainable programs of surgical care for billions of people who lack access. How can leading-edge Microsoft technologies help you change the world? @MSFTDynamics365 @MicrosoftTeams

Companies all over are putting technology to work to reduce, reuse and create a cleaner future. How can ATI help you innovate with @IBM solutions to advance environmental stewardship? RT to start a conversation.

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Companies worldwide are putting technology to work to reduce waste, reuse materials and create a cleaner future. How can ATI help you innovate with @IBM integration solutions to support environmental stewardship? Share your ideas in the comments to start a conversation.

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality: Navigating with Hand Tracking

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Curious how your business might benefit from mixed reality (MR) collaboration solutions? Watch the video to see how @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables technicians with mobile devices to connect remotely on Dynamics 365 Remote Assist mobile or Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile). DM us to discuss how ATI can help you explore the exciting possibilities MR presents for your organization. #MSDyn365

IBM Think 2022

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ATI ( is excited to share that this year IBM's flagship "Think" event is returning as an in-person global roadshow, and it's coming to Dallas on June 21! I hope you can join us to hear how technologies like hybrid cloud, AI, automation, and cybersecurity are defining the new leaders of our changing digital world. Capacity is limited, so please let us know if you would like to receive a complimentary pass. For more details please visit: #atiserve #cybersecurity #dallas

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

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Modernizing on-prem solutions is top-of-mind for many Microsoft customers. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program, you can simplify the journey. Watch this video for a look at how you can use cutting-edge technology to cut costs, reduce complexity and improve IT productivity. Let us know if you'd like to discuss next steps with an expert from ATI.

IBM Cloud Security Services Promo Video

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Every day, enterprises across the globe move to the cloud for access to innovative IT that's flexible and cost-effective. However, moving to the cloud can introduce new security challenges that put your business at risk. Watch this video to see how IBM tackles these issues and contact a ATI cybersecurity expert for more info. #cloud #cybersecurity

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