Return to Office

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With the ongoing pandemic, many companies are pushing back a full return to office. While this might seem like an ideal situation for remote workers the reality is a bit harder to pin down. For more on the future of work read Lucas Mearian's article here - #ATI #Business #OfficeSpace

Cloud-Based Backup and Virtualization: Beginning the Move to Hybrid Cloud

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Business interruption is on everyone's minds — how can you make your operations more resilient and be confident you can recover quickly from disaster? Cloud backup and virtualization are technologies that work in tandem to enable your operations to recover after a major disruption. And, they can transform your business as you modernize infrastructure and embrace new technologies. Get this research to see how you can leverage #virtualization and #cloudbackup to harden your environment, and contact us at ATI with any questions.

AIOps: A Path to Reliability at Cloud Scale

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With increased app development flexibility comes increased complexity for the operations team. This is where AI applied to IT operations, or AIOps, enters the picture. Read this blog to learn about IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, and see how ATI, a provider of IBM solutions, can simplify things for your team. #AI #CloudPak #AIOps

AWS and Qualtrics

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AWS is interested, not for the first time, in how customers feel. To be more specific AWS is interested in capitalizing on enterprises desire to develop marketing around those feelings. AWS aren't the only ones. To learn more visit CIO - ones. #ATI #AWS #Qualtrics

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