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IBM Security: Align Protect Manage Modernize

IBM's integrated #cybersecurity product suite enables you to: • Align security to business strategy • Protect digital assets, users and technology • Manage defenses against growing threats • Modernize security by connecting data sources Watch the video to learn more and DM us for pricing and implementation details.

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Dish TV boosts platform performance by 2x with Microsoft technology and unified support

Get more done with help from @Microsoft Unified Support. Learn how Dish TV India relies on Microsoft Unified for Azure to improve security and scalability. Read the customer story to learn more.

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How Can the White House’s New IoT Labels Improve Security?

With remote and hybrid employees connecting over the same networks their consumer #IoT devices operate on, there's an urgent need to integrate #ZeroTrust security into the Internet of Things. Here's the White House's plan:

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3 Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection

Say goodbye 👋to disjointed security! Discover the power of integrated threat protection by downloading the Microsoft Security eBook, "3 Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection." Empower SecOps, boost productivity and stay protected with #SIEM and XDR. @Microsoft Security

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New Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability features deliver elevated insights and reporting – Microsoft Industry Blogs

Gain insights into how your company is meeting its environmental sustainability goals. 📊 Read this article to learn about the metrics, reporting and analysis tools in @Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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Prosper in the cyber economy

If you needed more proof that cybercriminals are winning in the cyber economy, here's a striking statistic: By 2025, cybercrime will cost organizations $10.5 trillion annually, surpassing worldwide cybersecurity spending by 40 times. Rather than matching dollars lost with increased spending, cyber resilient organizations must rethink their entire approach to cybersecurity. Here's your blueprint for prospering in the #cybereconomy:

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