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Identity and Secure Access Consultation

Is your organization looking for a better way to keep users productive with simple sign-in experiences, intelligent security and unified administration? @Microsoft Entra enables smarter, real-time access decisions. Receive a free identity and secure access consultation with an expert from ATI. #MicrosoftEntra #DigitalIdentity

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How to enable trustworthy AI with the right data fabric solution

Can you trust your AI? Comment 👍 or 👎. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models are being entrusted with critical decisions, but can you be sure they're fair and unbiased? AI is only as good as the data it's built on. Read this blog to learn how a data fabric can enable trustworthy AI.

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ExxonMobil & IBM Cloud: Transforming the customer experience at the pump

Consumer expectations are changing, and in the age of digital, you need to transform your customer experiences. Check out this video to see how ExxonMobil turned to IBM Cloud to boost customer loyalty with a new smartphone app. Did you find this useful? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share this video with your network. #cloud #ux

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Intro to IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center

Cloud developers must: • Manage risk • Ensure data protection • Infuse security and privacy With the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, you can view your security and compliance postures from a unified dashboard, automate the evaluation of your current posture, define and enforce resource configuration standards, and increase visibility into compliance for your entire organization. Watch 👇 to learn more. #SCC #IBM

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TD Ameritrade invests in its own future with business process automation

TD Ameritrade had different and disparate workflow systems across the organization. They knew if they wanted to compete and grow volume without increasing resources, they had to invest in automation technology. Does this sound familiar? Read this case study to see how IBM solutions, including Cloud Pak for Business Automation and Intelligent Workflow, helps the company reduce errors, processing time and costs. Then find out where ATI, an IBM partner, can help your business save. #IBM #Cloud

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What is CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management)?

The top 3 causes of data breaches with cloud services 👇 • Misconfiguration • Mismanagement • Mistakes Cloud security posture management (CSPM) can bring broader visibility to cloud infrastructure and assets, help ensure consistent configuration management and establish a baseline of best practices for compliance mandates. @IBM product manager Janet Van explains how to manage the security and compliance of your cloud workloads. #cloudsecurity

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