Four ways to get ready for Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud – IT Infrastructure

Looking to running AIX or IBM i workloads in the cloud? IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud provide significant value as an addition to your on-premises IBM Power Systems environment. Read this blog to get four tips for a smooth start with this new technology.

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Instana Named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring

@IBM Instana keeps customers secure and happy. How? Read it in their own words in this blog, and see why Instana was recognized as a Gartner Customers' Choice. Reply to this post to learn how ATI can help implement next-level observability. #IBM #observability

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Enterprise Observability with Context

Observability is more than a buzzword. It's critical to improving application performance management regardless of the apps - public, private or on-premises. Check out this video from @IBM Cloud Developer Advocate Dan Kehn to see what observability with context can add to your business. #IBMCloud #Observability #APM

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Modernize with Cloud-Based Backup

Lower IT costs, security and availability are among the top drivers behind hybrid cloud adoption. Organizations that use cloud-based backup effectively are 40% more likely to see improvements in backup performance and connectivity. Read this Aberdeen report for strategies used by leading organizations to overcome the limitations of outdated storage capabilities. Reach out to our experts at ATI if you're ready to start your journey. #HybridCloud #virtualization

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Instana Helped Vivy Resolve Application Incidents 66% Faster

What would make your customers happy? Free products for life? Breakfast delivered to the office every day? How about faster, more seamless digital experiences? That's one ATI can help with. See how @IBM Instana improves response times, cutting MTTR by 66%, and delivering fast, seamless digital experiences. That's an equation for customer satisfaction. #IBM

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Quantifying how disaster recovery in the cloud reduces risk

The likelihood of your organization to experience unplanned downtime is 92%, according to research from Aberdeen. Yet reducing the time-to-recover to one hour cuts the longtail risk by more than $2.6 million for every $200 million in annual revenues. Download this report for guidance on making better-informed decisions about the risk of business disruptions and to understand how to quantify the business value of fast, reliable disaster recovery. Contact the disaster recovery experts at ATI to learn how we can help.

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Forrester TEI of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Mixed reality is central to manufacturers' ability to adapt and succeed in the hybrid work era. What ROI can you expect? In this Microsoft-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study, Forrester examines the potential ROI manufacturers can realize by deploying @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist with HoloLens and mobile devices. Download the report for highlights of key findings and quantified benefits. #Dynamics365 #hybridwork

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Instana Recognized as a Top 3 Observability Platform by EMA

Automatic, end-to-end observability is a must for reliable application performance and customer satisfaction. Where's the bottleneck in your organization? With Instana from IBM, ATI helps Dev, Ops, SRE and Security teams eliminate performance bottlenecks by taking immediate, intelligent action on any issue. #IBMCloud #Instana

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