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Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP

By 2024, more than 60% of organizations will deploy cloud ERP as an ecosystem of application and technology platforms from multiple vendors. By 2024, at least 50% of existing ERP megavendor customers will evaluate multiple vendors, rather than automatically adopt the latest version of their incumbent ERP suite. When evaluating systems for your company, be sure to look at @Microsoft Dynamics 365 365, ranked a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader.

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Why CEOs Should Care About the Move to SAP S/4HANA

 The longer your crucial SAP operations remain mired in yesterday's technology, the farther you will fall behind your competitors. Success in the digital era hinges on flexible, fast, scalable cloud. Read this report for practical tips on how to accelerate SAP S/4HANA migration to reap business benefits more quickly. ATI, a provider of IBM Cloud solutions, can get you started. #IBMCloud #SAP #S/4/HANA

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The COO’s Pocket Guide to Enterprisewide Intelligent Automation

Enterprisewide intelligent automation may be a mouthful, but it's important to organizations that want to create more customer value and face the future with a competitive advantage. Download this guide for help finding the right path and where to apply intelligent automation. #IntelligentAutomation

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Coca-Cola European Partners Accelerates its Strategic Transformation

62% of executives surveyed plan to accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption efforts over the next two years. But with this acceleration comes the need for deploying complex ERP and business process workloads in a way that provides clients high levels of security. Read this case study to see how Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) worked with IBM to accelerate its transformation to an open hybrid cloud environment, including SAP workloads. Reach out to IBM partner ATI to see how we can help your business transform securely. #IBMCloud #hybridcloud #cloud

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Reduce the Load on Frontline Workers with the Right Management Technology

58% of frontline workers believe work stress will stay the same or worsen, reports the @Microsoft Work Trend Index Pulse research. How's the morale of your frontline workers? Read the blog to gain insight on frontline workers' struggles and the role Microsoft's Zero Trust security plays in extending security to devices on the frontline. When you're done, reach out to a @Microsoft Security expert from ATI for a free consultation. #MicrosoftSecurity #CloudSecurity #BeFearless

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Digital Workers vs. Chatbots vs. Bots: What’s the Difference

What's the difference between a digital worker, a chatbot and a bot? 🤔 Don't know? Tell us if you'd like to learn what to consider when making a choice for your business. This blog on what @IBM offers is a great place to start.

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Cloud Migration and Modernization with Azure Tools and Resources

When moving to the cloud, how can Azure IaaS and the Azure portfolio of tools and services from @Microsoft make it easier? Share your wish list in the comments and watch this video to see how an Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution helps speed things along.

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