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To stay ahead, smart businesses are turning to design to better connect with customers and find their competitive advantage.

For two reasons, UI/UX-driven Custom Design is very important –  Digitization and Complexity challenges. That’s why Fortune 500 companies and Small Businesses have turned a commitment to design into a competitive advantage, and in return, they have achieved success by expanding their design capabilities. The list of such companies includes Google, Amazon, Apple, Nike, and thousands of SMBs that we researched and monitored at ATI.

At ATI, we take advantage of our past work and well-oiled process and present our popular Website Development Package for Small Businesses called “Website 365” Package.

We don’t force our style on you but rather allow your own style to shine through your marketing. Our popular Website 365 package costs only $365 (as compared to $500 ~ $1000 market price), which include:

– Five SEO-friendly custom web pages.
– Includes one customer inquiry form – your clients will submit the inquiry, and emails will directly go to your inbox.
– Captcha spam blocker on the inquiry form.
– E-mail autoresponder.
– Deployment of the website onto the client’s hosting environment.
– Exceptional technical support.
– Ongoing advice and education.

No matter how small or extensive your web presence you have in mind, ATI has solutions to fit your needs and budget.

We are also a lot more affordable than most website development entities you might find on the Internet, yet we will still deliver the uncompromising quality you expect and deserve. Our basic goal always has been to deliver an effective website – which offers users a balance between visual appeal, informative content, and user-friendly functionality. ATI provides website design solutions focused on providing you an effective web presence and value for your investment.

Websites can be classified as being either static or dynamic. Static websites are usually coded primarily in only HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). In contrast, Dynamic websites use programming languages to integrate your website with a database that stores live data that can be used to build your individual WebPages.

We rely heavily on a popular combination of open-source software and CMSs (mostly WordPress) to develop and deploy websites and applications. This combination is often known as LAMP-an, an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. We use Professional Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP) for dynamic applications, which has surpassed Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) in usage for dynamic web applications. The popularity of PHP is also due in large part to its integration capabilities with open-source database software like MySQL.

ATI can also provide additional services that can truly enhance the appeal of your website, such as:

  • JavaScript (mouse rollovers, pop-up warnings, and more)
  • Logo and custom graphics development for your website
  • Streaming Video and Audio production

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